9 types of toxic friends

Friendship makes the world a better place to live in. We all consider our friends as an integral part of our lives. But not all friends are the same. Some of them drain your energy. There are some friends who have a negative impact on your …


11 Things girls do after a breakup

The end of a relationship is a new beginning, but before that every girl finds herself doing these things after a breakup. You might have done them at some point in your life and might have even regretted some of these are:- Pity party Mise…


She is the mother of a good son

Last month, my mother underwent an operation and was suggested a bed rest. It was then, I realized how much it takes to be a housewife. Doing the dishes isn’t as easy as it seems, that is a whole lot of process. First you have to clean the …


Here is why every woman needs to be her own HERO

Today, everyone needs to be independent. Being independent means not dependent or affiliated with a large or controlling entity. It means not relying on someone else for support, care or funds. But the sole and most important part of being …


These 15 zodiac matches make the best couple

If you’re big into astrology and zodiacs, you might continuously be looking into which signs match up with your signs. You know, like which zodiac signs will make the best of friends or only friends? Or which ones will give you the mo…


Modern Relationship: Reel or Real

“Love is something which can never be taught or described, it is that feeling which can only be felt, that out of this universe feeling which left a person unspoken.” But nowadays, everything is losing its meaning, getting faded with time. …


Unconditional Love

Love is love; it doesn’t need adjectives like ‘unconditional’, ‘true’, ‘complete’, etc to accessorize it because these virtues are inseparable from it and are at its very core, laying its very foundation. But because a handsome amount of hu…


Did you know these hidden traits of people born in April?

It is no knew fact that your birth month spells oodles about you and your personality traits. Since April is just round the corner, here we bring to you some lesser known traits of April born people. The April people are smart, witty, outsp…


Here is what your name says about your personality

Did you know that your name says a lot about your personality? In this article, we will talk about people with initials ‘A’. People whose name begins with letter A are focussed, diligent and practical. They are highly intellectual. They are…


When dad becomes your only parent

Having both the parents in our life is like blessing. It is believed that for a child’s overall development and growth both parents are needed as each one of them have their individual roles to play in a kid’s life. Have you ever thought ho…


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