10 easy ways to take care of your hair this winter

We all deck up our cupboards with moisturizers and creams for our skin in winters, but forget taking care of our hair. But do you know these whipping winds and dry air can damage your hair, making them look dull, rough and cause flakes? Yes…


Here is how coffee can beautify your skin and hair

Having a cup of coffee in the morning and reading newspaper every morning maybe a part of your routine! But did you know that your coffee can also be a part of your beauty regime and help you beautify your skin and hair? Yes, apart from wak…


10 types of outrageous dresses that your wardrobe craves for

Who isn’t fond of dresses? We may know the present fashion trend in the market or what our favorite celebrity is wearing for the season, but there is a lot more to it. Let’s dig deep into the fashion line of dresses and grab the ones that a…


5 Best Nail polishes to wear this winter

Winters is not just about snuggles in the blanket, early sunsets and lazy Sundays but also about finding the coolest shades for your nails for a glam season. Good thing about winter is that you can put on a dark shade with a light colored d…


7 ways for fresh looking eyes without makeup!

Eyes are not only the window to your soul but to your age as well. They play a key role to make your face look young, beautiful and attractive. While dull eyes make you look old and exhausted (which none desires for), fresh and brightened e…


5 Extraordinary Beauty Hacks To Every Woman Should Know

Woman love to find ways that could create a shortcut to a beautiful skin. You are always looking for some tricks that will make your hair look glossier and your skin look smooth. Well, your wait is over. Here you will find everything that y…


5 Fast And Sure-shot Ways To Lose Weight

Losing weight may look like a very tough job but do not lose hope. Women are told to their body like the way it is. It’s true! Physique, and figure never defines who you really are. But here are some ways that will help you see instant prog…


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