6 Simple Ways to Comfort Your Best Friend Post a Breakup

Breakups are the worst whether it’s you who is going through it or your bestie. Getting up the following morning and carrying on with the day seems like an impossible task which somehow needs to be done. Your best friend has been with you t…


Which Zodiac Sign Represents Your Spouse in Astrology

Everyone will have a desire to know about their spouse and those who are already in a relationship will definitely try to improve their relationship. Astrology gives a lot of genuine information regarding the nature of your spouse. This str…


6 Signs that a shy guy likes you

Guys are as much confusing as girls when it comes to emotions. And when it’s a shy guy, it’s impossible to decipher them. The shy guy in today’s time is difficult to find and precious to keep. Expressing their feelings and emotions towards …


7 ways to know if he will harass you after break up

‘I do not wish to continue this relationship. In last 10 months I felt we are not compatible to each other as I am an independent girl and you are dominating and over protective that discomforts me. I do not see any future of this relations…


Top 5 Tips on How To Make Your Guy Yours Forever

Men don’t say it often but they too like being appreciated. They might seem like the toughest breed on the planet but they too have feelings. They too like being loved and get taken care of. They might deny it on your face but deep inside t…


Learn From Twitter How to Ask a Woman for a Date

Asking someone for a date is not that difficult- all you need to do is ask the person you’re interested in and wait for their response. From sending “You look Hawwt” text to ‘Send bobs and vagene’ practice, it looks like today’s men c…


10 ways to start a new in 2018 after a bad breakup

When you go through a tough time, it is very easy to let yourself break down. Distractions and forceful conversations never seem to work. But that doesn’t mean that you should let the break up rule you. If it happened for the best reason, o…


6 Signs He Only Likes You As A Friend

There are times when you feel puzzled if the guy is actually interested in you or is just looking forward to a good friendship. Friendships and relationships can be quite complicated. Friendzone needs to have a clear image. We all have been…


10 Things That Men Notice In Their Girlfriends

Men can be quite more observant and curious as compared to women. Even if you just got your eyebrows done, or got your hair straightened, these sharp-eyed men can notice a change. Women can be dreamy and inattentive but men cover the gap! N…


Look at these 5 points before moving in together

You’ve been daring each other since pretty long and you both consider each other as other’s saviors. So now you decide to take a step forward in your relationship and you somewhere make a point on that. You decide to move in, to live togeth…


5 ways That Can Save A Long Distance Relationship

No one ever said that long distance relationship is going to be easy but it is definitely worth it. Long distance relationship is beautiful in its own way. Sometimes, distance do get you closer with your guy. With the right communication an…


How Jealousy Can Lead To A Toxic Relationship

Enviousness can actually lead to obstruction of a well built relationship. But feeling jealous is natural, then how can we find an answer to it? Jealousy can lead to aggression and even relationship issues followed by misinterpretations. It…


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