Celeb Couple Nakuul Mehta And Jankee’s Gives A Live Discussion With Dr Vinit Samdani On “Omicron & Babies”: Deets Inside!!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 fame Nakuul Mehta’s 11-month-old son, Sufi was tested covid positive in the last week of December 2021. He and his wife, singer Jankee also got under the grip of the virus when their son developed symptoms for the same. Now that all three of them have tested negative and are on the road to recovery, the celebrity couple conducted an IGTV Live on Jankee’s Instagram handle with Dr Vinit Samdani, a Pediatrician associated with SRCC Hospital, Worli, Mumbai.

During the live session, Nakuul and Jankee put across various Covid related queries to the doctor concerning the kids. Dr Samdani was quick to mention few most important things that parents of young kids should definitely adhere to during the third wave of Covid. He informed that if a kid has 100-101°F fever, vomits and feels tired and has developed dry cough and cold for more than 36 hours then these must be considered as symptoms of Covid, and parents must contact a pediatrician to start the right treatment.



The doctor suggested that if a kid has all these symptoms or have been in close contact with a Covid positive adult, then an RT-PCR test must be conducted.

For infants, the best way to record the body temperature, is through a mercury or digital thermometer which can be placed in the armpit to take the reading else an infrared thermometer may be used which can record the body temperature from forehead. The doctor advised that parents must be sure about the accuracy of the thermometer to avoid any kind of panic situation.



On Jankee’s query whether Covid positive mother can feed their infants or not, Dr Samdani was quick to answer that mothers must continue with their feeding routine but should sanitize themselves properly before holding the kid and wear a mask during the process. He also suggested that mothers can also opt to express milk to feed their kids while being Covid positive themselves.

During the live session, when the celeb couple enquired the doctor about the food intake of the kids who have tested positive, Dr Samdani was of the view that ample amounts of fruits, juices and home-made meals should be fed to the child to avoid dehydration, but a child should not be overfed or force-fed as it might lead to vomiting thereby defeating the complete purpose of providing nutrition to the child.

As far as the travel is concerned, the doctor was of the view that travelling with kids during these times should be completely avoided unless it is very essential. He advised that home- made food and first aid kits must be carried if travelling with kids.

It was a very informative and much needed conversation that Nakuul and Jankee had with the doctor. The conversation was liked by more than 10 thousand people on their Instagram handle and is saved on their Instagram pages for people to view in the days to come.

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