Celebrate Bond Of Fatherhood With These Heartwarming Movies On Leading OTT Platforms


June 20 International Father’s Day is all about honouring the joys of fatherhood and the bond shared. Fathers are usually considered a child’s first hero. While growing up, they often impart worldly wisdom through stories and experiences while creating memories with their children. This Father’s day, spend time with your loved ones watching heartwarming stories on audio and video streaming platforms that celebrate the undying bond that is fatherhood. Tune into an extravaganza of fascinating stories, capturing the essence of being a father, his struggles, his love and his sacrifices

Serious Men: Netflix

Based on a novel of the same name by Manu Joseph, the film narrates the story of a personal assistant, Ayyan Mani facing the turmoil of life. Ayyan has had enough with everyone calling him names like ‘knobhead’ and ‘moron’. The movie in a way condemns the broken Indian education system and the inclination of parents projecting their unaccomplished goals and aspirations of their children. The movie captures the mood of the nation.

The Family Man- Amazon Prime Video

Everyone strives for the perfect work-life balance, to spend time with the children and have dinner with the family. But can you afford the ideal lifestyle when you’re not a “minimum guy” and have the safety of an entire nation on your shoulders? Srikant Tiwari is back with another season of the Family man and this time, things get personal. Be it the innocent negotiations between him and his son or the plight of a father dealing with the tantrums of a teenage daughter, watch the father in Srikant juggle the polarities of his life- as a husband, an agent and most importantly- A father.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl – Netflix

The film, based on the real-life story of the former flight lieutenant Gunjan Saxena is a plot that portrays a very beautiful bond between Gunjan and her father, Anup. The movie is about many different things like gender prejudices, workplace discrimination, women’s daily struggles, etc. But above all, it is about how Anup supports his daughter Gunjan through it all. In fact, Gunjan dared to dream big because as a child Anup didn’t let gender define or limit Gunjan’s dreams.

Raya and The Last Dragon- Disney+ Hotstar

Being the lone warrior and the proud Guardian of the Dragon Gem, Raya succeeds her father, Chief Benja. Raya and the Last Dragon is a remarkable film of separation, anticipation and trust. Separated from her father as a kid after Chief Benja was turned to stone, Raya lost everything she had. Raya’s sole aim is to find the last dragon to bring harmony amongst the people of Kamundra and have this last chance to unite with her father.

Father Of The Bride- Disney+ Hotstar

A humorously enjoyable classic, Father Of The Bride follows the story of a father who finds it difficult to let go of his daughter when she is about to get married. In denial that his daughter has grown up enough to have a man in her life doesn’t sync well with George. Trying hard to be happy for his daughter, the film is a heartfelt tale of acceptance laden with humour.

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