Want to have a wedding of your dreams without letting it weigh heavy on your pocket? We’ve some on-point budget tips which will help you realise your dream without sacrificing anything. Read on to find out!

  1. Modest décor on a budget

Rally through the available venues and pick avenue which has a life of its own. You can also look for some off-beat options and set up your wedding pandal in a botanical garden, historical site, gallery or barn. The guests will speak of your wedding in admiration for years down the line.

  1. Send out digital invites

Giving out printed invites is such a passe, opt for digital invites. Hire a graphic designer and ask him to design a logo presenting the union of two families, get your pre-wedding shoot done and incorporated in the digital wedding card. The final result will look just as pretty as your physical wedding cards, but cost half as much.

  1. Schedule Your Day Wisely

This might come as a surprise to you, you can save a hefty sum of money if you avoid a long gap between your wedding and reception. Photographers and videographers will charge extra for the wait time that goes in the gap. Moreover, your guests will be happy with the quick transition. It’s a win-win!

  1. Invest in a little lighting

Use some fairy lights on your outdoor venue to give a huge impact. You can get a wash of some light, creamy colours on the walls with uplights. If not fairy lights, you can also opt for two or three lights with colour gels accentuating a focal point in the venue, this will change the feel and vibe of the ambience.

  1. Mehendi Favours

Wedding is also about mehndi favours to mehndi game ideas. However, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. You can chose small items like potlis and badges for the bridesmaids, which will add that oomph factor and your mehendi favours will shine through your party. And all this in budget!

  1. Use natural elements

Make use of natural elements in your decor to add an earthy, upscale appeal to your venue. We suggest you place huge vases and fill them a base of some fancy river rocks and add some dramatic, overbearing branches of a curly willow tree. It’s best to choose this kind of an arrangement at the entrance of your reception party to add a certain grandeur.

  1. Make your own Menu

Who says your menu has to offer over a 100 dishes, you can serve a bunch of some delicious meat entrée’s and fill the rest of your menu with some finger food. Pasta and pizza is crowd’s favourite and also pocket-friendly. Don’t forget to add a mouth watering, sweet delicacy to surge the sweet tooth.

Hope you liked our suggestions, we are sure that these pretty mixes of budget friendly tips will lend your party that much wanted lavish vibe! *Wink*

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