Change Your Look With This Tiny Piece Of Jewelry; Tips For Opting ‘Your Type’ Nose Pin

Hey folks! Have you ever thought of how a little piece of jewellery can do instant magic to your whole look? Wondering how? Just try a nose pin and you’ll see the miracle. If you’re that person who doesn’t want too much jewellery or makeup to add to your charm, a nose pin is your go-to piece.

The best part of wearing a nose pin is that it can light up your face as a Christmas star. It can also give you a tough chic look and a classy desi glance. But, can you try any nose pin on your face and on any occasion? Get your answer here:

First of all, you should understand your skin tone and choose the tint accordingly. If you think you are a little dusky or dark, a silver or copper coloured nose pin will give you an elegant look. If you are having lighter skin, go for a pearl or golden nose pin. And if you want to try any colour nose pin without getting bothered about your complexion, you are free to do so!

Choosing nose pins that fit your face:

Once you have finalized the tint, it’s time for choosing the type of nose pin depending on your face type. No offence in being experimental but for better results, it is always important to select a suitable nose pin. Choosing a right nose pin will obviously make you a badass queen.

To begin with let’s talk about the most popular ‘Nose Studs’. They are usually smaller in size but have enough power to transform your attitude. Nose studs can be used by people of all face types. They come in as a stone or enamel and in varied shapes. If you are looking for a not-so-loud style statement, go grab your nose stud now.

Now it’s time for analysis. Take a mirror and just observe your nose. If it’s long and sharp, go for a ‘Hoop’. Hoops are not nose pins instead they are nose rings found in various shapes and sizes. From small to bejewelled, you can try out any of them.

Sharp-nosed ladies, over to you again.‘Nathanis’, a notch above the rest in terms of spunk are the next match for you. These cashew nut shaped rings nicely fit on your pointed nose. They go well with heart-shaped faces too. They are made of pearls, precious stones, Kundan or beads. These large rings are widely used by Marathi brides to flaunt their beauty.

If you have an oval face, no need for a second thought. Book your ‘Embellished chain’ now. This nose ring actually a chain that runs horizontally to an elongated face. Since they give you a heavy look, you can wear them with traditional attires. Usually, Punjabi brides prefer to go for chains.

Feeling low about your large nose? No worries, here is your ‘Bali’. Balis are heavy and they look cool on the large noses. They are designed for special occasions like weddings, festivals and celebrations. They can be worn without piercing.

Wanna be the crowd-puller? Get your ‘Septum rings’ and be the centre of attraction. These rings with stones, enamel or diamonds will garb the eyeballs. They offer you both a Gothic and a hippie look. They don’t need piercing either.
If you are having a round face and you want it to look slim, pick your ‘Half-hoops’. These hoops as their name suggest, are half-circle and are arch-shaped. The vertical pieces balance a chubby face.

Confident about your chiselled face? Want to add more charm to it? ‘Segment rings’ are all yours. These seamless rings look adorable on people with high cheekbones and clear cut jawlines.

So these are some of the face types and their suitable nose pins. Even if there is no hard and fast rule to select and wear a particular type of nose ring, it’s always better to put on the right one. Keep it trendy. Let your nose tell who you are!

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