Check Out 3 Signs Of High Cholesterol In Your Eyes!

More than 1 million people are affected by high cholesterol every year in India. Cholesterol is one of the diseases that attack the most due to modern lifestyle, uncontrolled lifestyle, and excess stress. According to a survey by the National Health Service, about 40-50 percent of people in India suffer from high cholesterol.

High cholesterol or Hypercholesterolemia is not completely unknown to the public. In this disease, excess cholesterol is seen in the bloodstream. This excess cholesterol prevents the normal movement of blood flow. Apart from heart failure, it also increases the risk of heart disease. This disease is also known as Hyperlipidemia. Doctors say that it’s not always necessary to wait for a blood test to know if you’re prone to this disease, or if you already have elevated cholesterol levels. Rather, seeing some symptoms of the eyes, it can be understood whether this disease has settled in the body or not.

Check out 3 signs that will warn you that you have high cholesterol in your eyes.

High cholesterol causes various changes in the eyes. Light spots of white or yellow color appear on the upper surface of the eyelids.

Another symptom of cholesterol is white round spots around the eyeballs. In medical terms, it is called ‘corneal arcus’. If someone is under 50 years of age and you are suffering from corneal arcus, it is important to seek medical advice quickly.

Blurred vision is also a symptom of high cholesterol. This usually happens when you look at the TV or mobile phone for a long time. That’s normal. If this happens intermittently for no apparent reason, it can be initially assumed to be due to high cholesterol.



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