Check Out Five Major Mistakes Men Make During Intercourse!

One of the important keys to a happy marriage is happy sex life. And for happy sex life, the right education is a must. Experts say that in most cases, men make some major mistakes during intercourse which creates an ebb in sexual pleasure. Find out which mistakes are best to avoid if you want to have a happy sex life.

Check out five major mistakes men do during intercourse:


Sexuality does not mean just sexual intercourse. Men often make mistakes in haste by choosing direct sex on the bed. Personal conversations, affectionate kisses all help to increase intimacy. The researchers say that even a few seconds of embracing increases the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, the effect of which increases sexual arousal. Women enjoy affectionate touches before intercourse. So the needs of women must be kept in mind. Haste can have a detrimental effect on the joy of sexual intercourse.

The preconceived notion of sex

In most cases, men have a preconceived notion of sex. Things that once made the partner happy during the reunion may not work the next time. Talk about your partner’s feelings during sex. Want to know if she’s really enjoying the whole thing. If your partner feels more aroused, your sexual pleasure will increase several times more.

Ignorance of genital cleanliness

It is very important to keep the genitals clean. But it is a regular habit. Cleaning the genitals just before and after sexual intercourse does not reveal this cleanliness. Not only sexual intercourse but also regular sexual cleansing is essential to maintain good sexual health. It stays away from sexually transmitted diseases. Unclean sex can cause a partner to lose interest in sex.

Less worried about partner’s satisfaction

Men in most cases do not feel the need to worry about women’s sexuality and satisfaction of sexual needs. But the hard work of men and women is equally important to enjoy the ultimate happiness of sex. So to make sex life happy, you don’t just have to think about your own satisfaction!

Ignorance of partner’s wishes

According to experts, many men ignore their partner’s wishes in a hurry to reach the extreme. She may want general caress and pleasure but you are ignoring it out of extreme sexual pleasure.


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