Check Out Lifestyle Habits To Refresh Your Mind And Boost Happy Hormones!

Like the body, the mind also tells in many ways that it is not well. If you are a little aware of mental health, you will understand why the mind is not good. Hormones are one of the many regulators of the body, and certain hormones have a direct effect on mood. It’s only when we get into trouble that familiar names like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and norepinephrine actually work on the brain and body. Their performance is subtle yet powerful. It is important to know about the potency of these neurotransmitters.

Balancing certain hormones is very important to maintaining good mental health. It is difficult when the hormonal balance is disturbed. Be careful if you see any symptoms. If someone has problems with concentration, feels tired, or lacks the will to work, it is assumed that the level of dopamine in the brain has decreased. The negative effects of serotonin are very high.

Symptoms such as withdrawal, feelings of guilt, suicidal tendencies, etc. indicate altered serotonin levels. Its expression is also very high. Disruption of the sleep cycle and decreased sexual desire are its symptoms. Physical symptoms are more pronounced with norepinephrine. Symptoms such as pain or burning and tingling all over the body are seen. There are some hormonal changes behind it.

At least eight hours of sleep a day is essential. There should be a change in the habit of watching mobile phones and watching web series at night. It is good to have a habit of going to sleep at a certain time of night. It is best to stay away from caffeinated drinks after 3 pm.

Start exercising. Exercise should be practised not only to lose weight but also to maintain hormonal balance in the body. Increase probiotic levels in food. Probiotics produce 90% of serotonin. This hormone calms the nerves. Mental health improves. So keep yoghurt, banana, chia seeds and ginger-garlic more in your daily diet.

Even between work, time should be taken to spend with friends and family. Chatting and talking improve mood and increases the secretion of oxytocin hormone in the brain.


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