Check Out! The Big Don’ts For A Good Dating Profile!!

Better to be safe than sorry.

In the current world, swiping left or right is the new dating game. Almost everyone has turned to online dating since it is not only simple but also allows you to match with and communicate to new people from the comfort of your own home. Then, if you think it’s appropriate, you can meet the person. Online dating is a lot of fun! However, there are some dos and don’ts that come with online dating, especially if you want to date someone seriously. There may be some obvious signals that your match isn’t a decent person, which might help you avoid the alliance and save extra drama later on.

Having no bio

Some dating profiles do not have a bio, which is the first warning sign you should look for. It might imply that the individual is either in a rush or isn’t very interested in building a solid profile. Not investing in this little task can also tell us a lot about how the person isn’t just interested. Building a profile requires effort, and if the individual has nothing on their profile except a photo or two, it’s not worth it.

Trying too hard to be cool

Some people may skip writing entire sentences, overuse cool language, and not provide much information on their profile in order to look mysterious. Such people believe that by doing so, they would attract a large number of people, but this is not the case. Most people do not want to talk to possible partners who look to be really cool in the initial discussion. It becomes intimidating.

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Being extremely direct

Some individuals want to be quite upfront with their matches. This isn’t about honesty; it’s about getting what they want as fast as possible. They don’t want to spent time getting to know someone; they just want to obtain what they want. And such people are typically searching for temporary partnerships, so avoid them if you’re looking for a serious commitment.

Replies back super late

If a person takes a long time to respond, chances are they aren’t interested. It’s not about having a busy schedule, since when two people match on a dating app, it’s all about letting the communication run at first. However, if it’s all about making excuses for why they weren’t able to respond sooner, it’s best to avoid this type of individual.

Having no hobbies or interests

A person’s whole dating life should not centre around picking up lines and discussing ex-relationships. If the individual isn’t interested in talking about themselves, that’s a big red flag. Interests and hobbies should be one of the first things discussed between two people when they start a conversation online. Furthermore, if the person states drinking and partying as their only activities, this is a major NO.

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