Check Out Three Fruits That Can Reduce Your PCOS Problem!

Women are suffering from problems like ‘PCOS’ due to some routine irregularities of daily life. Statistics say that more than 20 percent of women in India are affected by this disease. The main cause of this disease is the variation in hormone secretion in the female body.

As a result of this, problems like mental anxiety, obesity, and diseases like type 2 diabetes can take root in the body. This disease usually causes irregular menstruation. Unwanted body hair appears. In some cases, baldness also falls.

You have to follow the doctor’s advice. Along with that, it is necessary to pay special attention to eating and drinking to stay healthy. Because there is a risk of diabetes if there is a PCOS problem. Which fruits to eat more to be healthy? Checkout below.


Apples are very important in overall improvement of the body. It is important to eat more apples if you have PCOS. The glycemic index of this fruit is very low. As a result, the amount of calories is also less. On the one hand, as the risk of diabetes is less, on the other hand, weight is also under control. One of the foods that can be safely eaten with PCOS is apples.


Fruits like blueberries and strawberries are very beneficial for PCOS. All these fruits have beneficial health properties like vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and potassium. Apart from this, berries also contain a lot of fiber. Which helps to reduce the level of insulin in the blood. As a result, the risk of diabetes is reduced to some extent. The high fiber content in berries helps to keep the stomach full for longer. As a result, there is no tendency to overeat. It also reduces the risk of weight gain.


Vitamin C-rich fruits are absolutely perfect for PCOS patients. Rich in antioxidants, this fruit lowers blood sugar levels. The fiber present in this fruit helps to improve digestion. Along with this, the combination of this fruit also reduces the risk of diabetes. If you have PCOS, definitely keep oranges.

These fruits can help in reducing PCOS problem, However, it is advisable to consult a physician before in taking these fruits.

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