Check Out 5 Ways To Do A Digital Detox Without Cutting Yourself Off From Technology!

The need for a digital detox is essential. As a result, it is critical that we turn off our smartphones and spend some time alone.

You should do a digital detox every now and then. Can you imagine life without your smartphone in this day and age? Most of us, however, cannot because we all want to stay in touch with our friends and family via phone calls and FaceTime sessions. The same is true for the constant use of laptops and digital devices for work, especially in the post-pandemic world.

However, excessive technology use can take away time that could be spent on activities like sleep, exercise, and socialising, all of which are inherently important for one’s well-being. Have you ever wondered whether too much technology is good or bad and whether digital detox is the best solution? Let us not forget that excessive use of technology has been linked to attention deficit symptoms, social isolation, impaired brain development, and, in some cases, disrupted sleep and life. Even in this digital age, you can relax your mind.

How can digital detoxification help?

According to Dr Samir Parikh, “digital detox” means taking regular breaks from any form of digital interface. Depending on your job, this means you can reduce your use of technology and balance it with your life. Digital detox also entails avoiding prolonged engagements with digital devices, such as taking a 5-minute break every hour while working or taking a couple of hours every day while working. The expert goes on to say that there are two types of time we spend on digital devices.

The first is active mandatory time, which you cannot avoid, such as talking on the phone or working on a laptop.

Nevertheless, if you randomly scroll or randomly text someone between two important work calls, that is something that can easily be stopped. It’s best to spend that time wrapping up work so that you can devote your evening to other things,” the expert said.


Take a break from digital media in these 5 ways :

According to health expert, here’s how you can practice it:

1. Limit your screen time and don’t use your phone for extended periods, especially if it isn’t necessary and would only create stress in your life.

2. Insist on doing something non-digital every couple of hours. Balance your screen time with other activities like art, reading, exercise, and social networking. Your work-life balance will eventually dictate the nature of your digital detox. Prioritize your health over your phone.

3. Turn off the phone after work and turn it back on the next morning. Keep it out of sight for the evening and night so you can spend quality time with friends and family.

4. Make an effort to avoid using devices before bedtime for an extended period of time.

5. Take short breaks from your phone and other electronic devices. For example, if you’re going for a walk, leave your phone or smartwatch at home and just enjoy the scenery. Use them only when you return.

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