Checkout Best Ways To Grow 5 Herbs Everyday In Your Kitchen Without Soil!

Want to create wonderful dishes with fresh ingredients from your kitchen garden.

Even if you don’t have much space, you may grow common herbs like lemongrass, rosemary, and mint directly in your kitchen. Through a modest hydroponic setup near the kitchen platform or window.

This allows you to grow fresh herbs that meet the needs of one family without any difficulties or soil.

Reshma Renjan, an urban gardening specialist, discusses a few simple steps you may do with only a few containers and water.

Lemon Grass

Gather some lemon grass strands from the market. Make certain that its roots are also included. Water should be placed in a glass or container. Allow it some sunlight and set it away. Within 15 days, you will find new roots and leaves sprouting from the plant. If you have enough space in your garden, you may also grow it in soil by following the same techniques. In fact, you will get faster benefits in less than 10 days. Fresh lemongrass can be used in a cup of steaming tea or to add flavour to a variety of curries.


This aromatic herb is essential in most Italian recipes such as pizzas, pastas, and lasagnas, as well as flavoured rice. Gather a six-inch rosemary cutting from any garden or shop. Remove the lowest leaves and immerse the cutting in water.

Roots will develop from the cuttings in 10 days. New branches and leaves will appear after 20 to 25 days. Keep in mind to replace the water once a week.


Mint is one of the simplest herbs to grow in the garden. This time, let’s try growing it in water Pick up three or four mint cuttings at the market.Take two small and one large containers. Make a few holes in the little container’s top. Leaves should be removed from the bottom of the cuttings  and insert them into the holes. Fill the other container halfway with water and insert the little box containing the cuttings inside.

Place the container in a location that receives plenty of sunshine. Once a week, change the water. Within a few days, the leaves will sprout, and new white roots will appear inside the little box.

Italian Basil

Basil is another important Italian herb that is also very easy to grow.

It has dark green leaves that grow up to three inches long and a spicy, fragrant flavour. The herb is commonly used in salads, to flavour crostini in bruschettas, and while making pesto or other sauces.

As with the mint leaves, choose two containers of varying sizes. Insert two or three cuttings into the smaller jar’s holes. Place this jar into the larger, water-filled container.


Mexican mint/Indian borage

Mexican mint, which is considered a kind of celery due to its aroma, has a number of medicinal properties. The flavour and aroma can be enhanced by adding it to tea or drinks.

This mint can be grown in profusion on both soil and water. Plants should be kept in containers with a large opening because they grow quickly. Fill a container with water and place 2-3 cuttings of the plant in it. New roots will emerge in a week, and leaves will appear in 10 days.

Changing the water on a regular basis will help to speed up the results.  This herb is great for seasoning meats, soups, and stews. Roots and new leaves should appear within 10 days.

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