“Mom’, ‘Maa’, ‘Mummy’, ‘Aai’, ‘Amma’, etc. So many names but the emotions are the same. Nobody loves as much as your mother does. The smile that shines her face with a sight of you is priceless. From the moment you step into this world, your parents become the happiest and luckiest people alive. This is exactly what happened with Chhavi Mittal, co-founder of Shitty Ideas Trending and a popular television actress who has been thoughtful and vocal throughout her second-pregnancy.


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One month ago today this little “potli” like I fondly call him since he’s always bundled up like one, came into my arms. Today he’s a big boy one month old! Can you imagine! Today we’re a strong team and together we have already overcome one big hurdle of “latching problems”. And together we’re now addressing the big problem of sleepless nights! Phew…. I’m sure the time is not far when we both will get continuous sleep for at least 6 hours! How lovely will that be… For now, we’re joined at the hip 24 hrs a day, and I look forward to every moment of knowing him… How he looks when he sleeps, feeds, stretches, sneezes, coughs, looks up, and what a gentleman he looks like when I comb his hair 😋 Btw, big sister Areeza had a cake cutting ceremony for him, which he slept through! #beautifulmoments ________________________ #beautifulmoment #motherson #son #babyboy #babyarham #chhavimittal #birthday #happybirthday #monthlybirthday

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Chhavi’s dream of a perfect family was completed with the arrival of Arham on May 13, 2019. Yesterday, this little angel made his on-screen debut. Yes, you read it right baby Arham has already made his debut.

Today, Chhavi shared her emotional note for this little munchkin and shared it via her official Instagram account. Chhavi thanked her darling baby and captioned it, “Yesterday was overwhelming. My darling baby @arhamhussein made his debut on SIT! A little something that people don’t know about the shoot. We shot for full 12 hours, out of which this little star came on set for all of 5 minutes and gave us 20 different reactions to insert! Then I took him away to his room, where he slept like a baby (er.. he IS a baby after all).”She continued, “It was almost as though he knew that mom and dad are shooting today, and he should stay calm on the sets. He felt uncannily home on a shooting set. Well, thank GOD for that, since just a day before he had cried all day due to colic and we got such a scare that we almost called off the shoot! Since both Mohit & me didn’t feel like leaving him or taking him along if he felt uncomfortable. So, thank you little Arham for allowing my transition back to shoot to be smooth. You’re already so considerate!”


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Little @arhamhussein looking at his brother.. his present.. his future (maybe, but who knows)! He’s been on SIT ever since his conception. I was shooting for The Family Vacation in Kasauli when I was 2 months pregnant. Nobody knew, since I hadn’t announced, but I was feeling all the discomfort, nausea, irritability, back ache, tiredness, sleepiness.. and the constant urge to pee.. and only he was there to endure that with me. Secretly, silently, we both started bonded right from then on. And his silent bonding with @shittyideastrending also started from then on. This was clicked on the first day I resumed office, and calmly he stared at the logo, as if having his own secret conversation with it, safely, securely protected in dad @mohithussein ‘s arms. I beam with pride today when he makes his debut on SIT today at 2.30pm on YouTube! My baby, you’re our partner in crime, like a twin joined at the hip. Mom, Abu & Areeza love you to bits! #babyarham ________________ #baby #babyboy #boy #child #newborn #chhavimittal #SIT #shittyideastrending #TheBetterHalf #rishirohini

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We convey all our love and blessings to this little one.