Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein, the founders of Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) has been blessed with a baby boy on May 13, 2019. Chhavi Mittal’s pregnancy journey was a rollercoaster ride but she made it through due to her positive attitude that never let her get disheartened during her trimesters. She is a role model for many. From sharing innumerous tips her own pregnancy experience, shattering pregnancy myths Chhavi has done it all.  Chhavi’s little one is all grown up now and even accompanies mommy to sets. And the doting parents Mohit and Chhavi were already on cloud nine after the birth of their first born and with the arrival of their second born, Arhaam gave them another reason to celebrate.

Just a while back Mohit took to Instagram and shared the first ever full-size picture of baby Arhaam. Cuddled in his daddy’s arms the baby looked so adorable that we can’t stop drooling. Sharing the picture Chhavi wrote, “This beautifully captured image by @chhavihussein of me and my LO #BabyArham looking into the future together is just my absolute favourite. Today at 2:30 pm Arham debuts in #SIT with the launch of #TheBetterHalf on #youtube He is the youngest member of the #ShittyIdeasTrending family. A proud #sitian. Hopefully, together we will create a lot of entertaining content. #fingerscrossed #debut #launchpad #launchingsoon #youtubers #youngestyoutuber.”

It was on father’s day when Chhavi took to Instagram and shared a heartwarming note for husband Mohit. She wrote, “When I convinced him to extend the family and have another one, he wasn’t so sure of himself. But my darling, @mohithussein. I’m always and forever sure that you will excel at everything that you do. You’ve always been an amazing son to your parents, an amazing husband to me, an awesome boss and a more than awesome human being. But the best role you play is of a dad. You’re strong, wise, patient, smart, you’re “sterny-stern” yet so tender! Today you’re not with your babies (that includes me) and even little Arham senses that and misses your arms! How magical are you! Finish the shoot and be back fast! Your babies miss you Abu! #happyfathersday.”

Chhavi and Mohit are deeply in love with each other. Expressing her love for her man Chhavi took to Instagram and wrote an all praises note for her man during her pregnancy days. Her post could be read as, “THIS MAN! A lot of you ask me how I do everything I do even in these last few days of my pregnancy. Well, every day is not easy. Like yesterday, when walking 2 steps to the washroom was a challenge. Immense pelvic pain, back feeling like it’ll break, the weight of the stomach pulling my whole body down, not getting the time to rest… Everything added up. I had to go to the site of my new flat (getting ready for the new member and how!). The dust, the chaos, the questions of my architects, my 6 year old complaining she’s hungry, me almost falling down with hunger, thirst and the scorching heat, no place to sit, and the deadlines that are refusing to near the finish line… Trust me, I really wanted to give up and just leave everything to chance.”

Her post could be further read as, “It’s back-breaking times like these when this man takes charge of me and the situation. To be honest, it’s times like these, and the worst ones, and the good ones, and the great ones, and all the ones in between, that this man completes everything. And he doesn’t know this, but when he sleeps in the night, and I stay awake (which is a lot), I put my hand on his chest and feel it rise and fall with his breath.. it just makes me feel that life is good, because he lays next to me, always there, always loving, and there’s not a worry in the world… @mohithussein thank you for giving me the best life and always loving me in my good and bad moods! #love PC: Thank you once again @sachin113photographer for capturing this moment. We hardly have any pictures of us together! #togetherness #marriage #wedding #anniversary #always #alwaysandforever #chhavimittal #mohithussein #father #parents #parenting.”

Baby Arhaam is about to make her debut soon in SIT and we can’t wait to see the episode.