More than 30 companies are racing to create the vaccine for CoVID 19. But before the vaccine, China has something traditional to control COVID 19. They are testing few combination that can be used for the treatment of Coronavirus.

In December 2019, Wuhan, in Hubei province, China, became the center of an outbreak of pneumonia caused by CoVID-19, and the number of cases of infection with CoVID-19 identified in Wuhan increased markedly over the later part of January 2020, with cases identified in multiple other Provinces of China and internationally. Given no specific antiviral therapy for CoVID-19 infection and the availability of Yinhu Qingwen Decoction as a potential antiviral Chinese medicine based on vivo antiviral studies in CoVID-19, this randomized, three-arm controlled, single-blind trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of Yinhu Qingwen Decoction (Granula) in patients hospitalized with mild or common CoVID-19 respiratory disease.

The clinical spectrum of CoVID-19 infection appears to be wide, including asymptomatic infection, mild upper respiratory disease, severe viral pneumonia with respiratory failure, and even death. However, there is no specific antiviral therapy for CoVID-19 infection, which provides a window of opportunity for testing candidate antiviral therapies. Previous experiences with SARS and MERS-CoV, highlight the need of the early intervention with Chinese medicine, and so as for CoVID-19 infection.

The treatment of Chinese medicine for CoVID-19 infection suggested its benefits to improve of clinical outcomes, reduce the risk of disease progression, accelerate recovery, and reduce intensive supportive care and long-term hospitalization. Yinhu Qingwen Decoction (Granula) consists of 11 common non-toxic traditional Chinese medicine such as Polygonum cuspidatum, Honeysuckle, Nepeta, Ligustrum lucidum.

Previous vivo antiviral studies showed its activity for the inbition of CoVID-19. This clinical trial is planned to evaluate the mean clinical recovery time for patients with mild and common CoVID-19 infection as the primary outcome, and to evaluate the effect of the symptoms relief and virus clearance as well as the clinical safety.

This clinical trial was sponsored by China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. It was started one month ago, on February 27, 2020 and they are expecting postivite completion of the study by January 2021. Hope for the best!