Chrissy Teigen Masked Her Abortion As A Miscarriage- Deets Inside

The swimsuit supermodel Chrissy Teigen just revealed that her heartbreaking miscarriage was in reality an abortion for health reasons.

On September 15 Chrissy made an appearance at Proper Daely Summit, A Day Of Unreasonable Conversation, where she revealed that her miscarriage two years back was an abortion for health reasons. She herself wasn’t aware of this and was pretty surprised herself to find that out. Teigen went on saying that two years ago when she was pregnant with her and All Of Me singer Jhon Legend’s third child, they had to make a lot heart breaking and difficult decisions. She said that it became very clear half way through their pregnancy that the baby was not going to survive, and neither would Chrissy without any “medical intervention”

She went on saying that, “Let’s just call it what it was, It was an abortion,” she continued “An abortion to save my life for a baby that had absolutely no chance. And to be honest, I never, ever put that together until, actually, a few months ago.”

She said that she didn’t realize that it was an abortion not until Roe V Wade was overturned in America, depriving women of their abortion rights. She said that she sympathized with people when they had to decide to get an abortion and that she felt weird when she realized what it had been. She went on to say that she had told the world that it was a miscarriage, and the world agreed with her, and all the headlines said it was a miscarriage. She said that she in the beginning didn’t say what it actually was and then she felt silly when she realized it after a year.

Parents to daughter to Luna, 6 and son Miles, 4 Chrissy and Jhon revealed that their IVF journey had been really successful and even though the last few years of their lives had been an emotional blur, they are very excited to welcome a sibling for their children.

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