Clay Mask To Make Your Complexion Brighter And Smooth: Skincare Tips.

Wants to clarify your complexion? But pissed off by using the same products again and again, here we have some new ways to make your complexion shiny and fair. Nowadays, due to weather dust and sweat is at their peak which may damage your skin in various ways like dryness, extra oil on the face, pimples and acne. To make your skin healthy we have brought a solution called “Clay”.

We have suggested you try these clay masks to make your skin rejuvenating

Cleansing via different clays becomes popular as well as effective too. A mixture of red and white clays, pink clay helps deep cleanse the skin and offers immense anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is mild and soothes skin while replenishing its lost moisture. Commonly known as Rose clay, it’s a rich source of various minerals like silica, which boosts the elasticity and cell renewal process of the skin, resulting in a supple, youthful appearance. It has the power of gentle exfoliation power due to its slightly grainy texture, is ideal for sensitive skin types and draws out impurities to keep blackheads and whiteheads at bay.

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French pink clay mask – French pink clay mask comes with Vitamin C extracts from superfruits like Kakadu plum and Acerola cherry. Loaded with antioxidants, it combats dark spots and dullness, delivering a revitalized and brighter complexion.

Detoxing mask with pink mask -Struggling with congested pores? Then try out this detoxing mask made with seaweed extract and witch hazel that clears out clogged pores, moisturizes, and soothes skin. Drawing out deep-seated dirt and absorbing excess sebum, it delivers a healthy, smooth, and clear complexion.

pink Montmorillonite clay – A potent combination of pink Montmorillonite clay, with sweet almond, extra virgin olive, and jojoba oils, and rose essential oil, this mask is ideal for ageing, mature skin. It efficiently removes dead skin cells, relieves dryness, and fades away dark spots. Soothing skin and repairing skin damage with the therapeutic properties of shea and cocoa butter enables the skin to retain moisture to keep it soft and supple for long.

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