If flowers ever had a popularity contest, then roses would emerge as the winners for sure. The flower which is super popular as a gift, has various meanings depending on its colors. Here is a list of these roses and the meaning of their colors to help you choose the right rose for the right occasion:

Rainbow rose-


I have never seen the rose in real life but just by seeing its picture, you will be able to feel its mysterious magic. This is probably one of the most beautiful and unique flowers. A rose which symbolizes happiness as well as the seven colors of the rainbow is definitely a variety that won’t just start growing in your backyard. It is also called the rose of happiness.

Red rose-

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We don’t need an explanation here, do we? This is the rose to give for all the lovers, couples and those who aspire to be together. The color of lover and the flower of passion. Red roses have a long history of being close to mankind.

Red tiger stripe rose-

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Different quantities mean different things. A single rose means complete devotion to the one you are giving the rose to. Half a dozen talks about a relation or love which needs care, cherishing and keeping. Eleven of them signify deep, true love and 13 are used by secret admirers.

Pink rose-

unnamed (2)So, like there are categories of love, right? Roses helps us express that as precisely as possible. The pink rose is for when you experience ‘love at first sight’ and so this is one rose that you should gift really carefully. It seems to have a heavier meaning than red rose.

Light pink roses-


There are way too many color varieties here for the expression of love. This one means that you admire the one you are giving the rose to and can also mean something like ‘please believe my true feelings about you’.

Purple rose-


Another rose which signifies love at first sight. But this one has its own aura. It also means richness, royalty and dignity.

Yellow rose-

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This rose seems happier than the rainbow rose. The bright yellow color of yellow roses is all you need to brighten up a dull mood. Symbolically it means new beginnings.

Blue rose-

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This is not a color that actually exists in nature! Looks like we found something more mystical than the rainbow rose.

White roses-

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Good luck, happy life and everything positive and nice is what the white rose signifies. Used extensively at weddings, this is the most peaceful of colors in the rose family.

Coral rose-

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Another not so common rose. The coral roses are known for symbolizing desire and passion.

Orange Rose

unnamed (8)Also, known as a double delight tea rose, if you receive this rose then it means that you will be always remembered by the one who gave it to you. Sounds good for a funeral rose too, right?

Green rose-

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A green rose looks almost like a bunch of leaves mixed together but they look much more beautiful than simple leaves. They symbolize calmness, fertility and fruitfulness.

Dark Red Rose

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A dark red-colored rose can be given to someone who is not actually aware of their beauty. It symbolizes an alluring beauty, a beauty which is not aware of itself.

Black Rose

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A totally black rose is actually non-existent but there are a few variety of roses which are extremely dark in color. These can be tracked down but taking care of them is really tough. What you can do is dipping the rose in a mix of water and black ink. It symbolizes death and farewell is a favorite among goths.

Yellow and White Roses

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When placed together, yellow and white roses symbolize harmony and balance. Both are tranquil colors which bring peace of mind.


unnamed (13)A red rosebud symbolizes purity and loveliness while a white rosebud symbolizes girlhood. As usual, the white is as pure as can be.



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