Even when you are not talking, your eyes can speak a thousand words. And the colour of your eye can reveal a lot more about your personality.
According to the ancient art of physiognomy, people who share a particular eye colour also share a wide range of unique characteristics. So, if you and your friend have black coloured eyes, this could be one reason why you two have similar personalities.
Now, if you are willing to know more about your personality according to the colour of your eye, scroll down and read.

Dark Brown
It is one of the most common eye colour in the world as almost as many as 55% people all over the world possess it. People who have dark brown eyes try to seem tough but in real they are very kind and sensitive. They are confident and way too humble to harm anyone in some way or the other. They are known to be the best lovers as they don’t mind walking an extra mile to make their loved ones feel special. When it comes to work, they know how to lead it the best way and they would never show any sort of misconduct. They are fit both physically as well as mentally.

This one is one of the rarest eye colours in the world as it is found in less than 2% of the world’s population, and it is the only eye colour that changes shades depending on weather and mood. People who have green eye colour are completely different than what people think they are. They often try to act stubborn but in real they know how to adapt things in one go. They are not only good speakers but good listeners too. Other than that, they are also very creative and talented. When it comes to work, they are very passionate and are always curious to learn more and more. People who possess green eyes are very cheerful and vibrant in nature and everyone loves to have them around.

It is the second most common eye color in the world. All blue eyed people are told to be better at handling pain. They are great strategic thinkers. Also, when it comes to academics, they are the ones who always stand out of the crowd. They work really hard on their relations to keep their near and dear ones happy. This is why they have long lasting relationships. They are often mistaken to be egoistical and competitive but in real life they are shy and hesitant in nature.

All black-eyed people are considered to be trustworthy. You can rely on them for not spilling out your secrets to anyone. There are times when they pretend to be fine even when they are not. This reflects about their secretive nature. They are very hopeful and take everything positively in life, come what may. They are self-reliant and confident. When it comes to work, they are very resourceful and ingenious. They know how to get things done in budget. Also, they are very realistic and can turn out to be a great asset to an organisation. People having blue eyes are born leaders and can adapt to almost any condition. All those who think that they are way too serious or boring are completely wrong as they hardly know anything about their cheerful personality. When it comes to celebrations, they are the life of a party.

This again is an uncommon as well as an attractive eye colour. There are only a few people who possess naturally hazel coloured eyes. People who have hazel eyes are told to be a complete package. They don’t mind taking risks and are always up for trying all the new things in life. They are extremely sensitive in nature and it is hard for them to forget things and forgive people too easily. And when troubled repeatedly, they can turn out to be their worst version. They have difficulty in maintaining their relationships because of their short-tempered nature. They are very sharp and witty. Also, they are always bombarded with compliments for their outgoing personality. People who have hazel eyes are also told to be caring lovers.

People who have grey eyes are gentle and calm by nature most of the times. They try to avoid any sort of conflict. But even with their calm and composed nature, they remain to be brimming with energy. They always like being occupied with one thing or the other. People often mistake their mysterious nature as antisocial behavior. One thing that is quite evident from their appearance is that they are very clean and proper.


They like to keep their house clean and are always well-dressed. Maybe because of their calm and gentle nature, people love to be around them. Most grey-eyed people are intelligent and are often found doing all the important jobs.


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