Comedian Kiku Sharda has finally spoken up on the Kapil Sharma controversy

All wrong reasons have brought in comedian Kapil Sharma into limelight in the last few days. His new show not doing well and then him canceling shoots repeatedly, followed by his Twitter rant and an abusive phone call to a journalist, it has all got worse with time. While we still don’t know where he is currently and what is his condition physically, we are glad that some of his friends from the television industry are coming out in his support.

Kiku Sharda, who is one of his team members from his show recently spoke about him. He has been a part of his team for a long time now. At a recent event, he said, “I have been working with him for years. We have spread a lot of laughter and cheer, so if today he says he is not keeping well, we should give him some space and time. I would request everyone to give him his space, let him relax.”

Kapil Sharma, who was once the king of television with his show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ doing wonders, passed through a rough phase last year. His show went off air and while we all expected his new show Family Time with Kapil Sharma to do well, failed to meet the expectations of the viewers.

Kiku said, “I will feel very bad if an artiste like him, who has done such good work, doesn’t make a comeback. I really wish him all the best for recovering and he should be back with a bang.” (ALSO READ – Sugandha Mishra: Kapil Sharma is like a kid and Preeti Simoes has caressed him like a child by bribing him into doing things)

He also shared his take on Kapil’s abusive call to a journalist. He said, “We can discuss about how people behave, may be his way of saying that was not right but he got agitated because of this portal which has written bad things about me too, which I have ignored. The portal isn’t responsible but to get angry is justified. But sometimes we can’t express the anger or sadness properly.”


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