Looks like Sunil Grover is having a real bad time this year. Earlier, Sunil got into a fight with Kapil Sharma on the flight and walked out of Kapil’s show and now he has got into a legal controversy.
According to recent reports, Sunil was about to perform on a live show in Ahmedabad but now he has landed into serious trouble as an event organiser has filed a cheating and conspiracy case against him. Rajpal Shah is an event organiser who states that Sunil’s manager and organiser Devang Shah had promised to organise a show with Sunil but they breached the contract. He also shared that Sunil is now performing somewhere else in Ahmedabad but at a different location and for a higher amount.
However, organiser Devang rubbished all the statement and said, “We keep on getting 4-5 enquiries for one specific date regarding Sunil’s performances in India as well as abroad. In this case, we were not keen on doing the event on May 27due to another concert happening on the same day. Rajpal Shah also enquired for the possibility of May 20, which couldn’t be worked out due to Sunil’s tight schedule. I returned him the advance amount of `10 lakh. So there’s no case of cheating and I have all the bank-statements which I can present for the same.”
No further comments have been given by any of Sunil’s team members.
We will have to wait for confirmations.
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