Kapil Sharma is well known for his humorous personality, who has the spirit to cheer up the mood of every worried mind. His outstanding comic skills has entitled him the king of comedy, of the entertainment world. But if we talk about his life’s career, then in terms of Kapil’s language, he’s made for more than just been a comedian.

Out of the wish-list of Kapil, one wish of his, is to be a Bollywood star by being an actor. Although, Kapil has also shown his acting skills on big screen by giving his two superhits, which include, ‘Kis Kis ko Pyaar Karun’ and ‘Firangi’.

A few days ago, Kapil has created an environment of crazy suspense for his fans, by sharing a news with a hint of his upcoming new projects, that are alligned. Now, in a recent conversation with the Times of India, Kapil has shared his thoughts, in which he said that he wishes to get the roles in the movies and this time he wants to explore some different roles. He expressed his wish by saying, ‘Mann hai bahut films karne ka.’

He said that there are artists who demand for lot of content and it is a good time for artists to checkout and challenge their skills with new platforms and more opportunities. When he was asked to openly speak about the types of roles he wishes to take into consideration and to work as, he replied that he wants to see himself in some serious roles, by saying, ‘Mujhe chance mila toh serious roles bhi karna hai, I want to explore serious roles. 

Kapil in his young age, has done theaters and he used to act in some serious roles. comedy was never been a plan, to be added in his life’s career and so he wishes to replay his time and wants to give wings to his dreams, by taking some serious acts to go perfectly with his personality, along with his early plans.