An ordeal it turned out for us

By Bhanu Chandran


Raja noticed as he entered his home that his wife Chithra looked very excited. She was bursting to share some news with him.

“What is the matter? You look so excited,” asked Raja.

“Pooja called and she wants us to go to the USA to spend a couple of months with them,” said Chithra.

“Oh! That is the reason for your excitement,” smiled Raja.

“Now that you are retired, we can definitely spend a few months there. Let us start planning. I need a change from my routine. Anyway, our visa is still valid for a few years,” added Chithra.

“Chithra is excited for trip to America”

They had made a trip to the USA before her daughter Pooja’s marriage. Raja was holding a top position in a multinational company and during one of his many trips, she had accompanied him. They went to a few places in the west coast. Now that their daughter had settled with her husband on the east coast, Chithra felt this was a chance to see the east. Pooja lived in New York with her husband Partho who was an investment professional and she worked as a consultant in a company. They were financially very sound.

Days rolled by. The Raja was busy getting ready for the trip. The entire neighborhood knew about their US trip. Right from the tailor to the grocer were informed about their trip to the USA. It was just short of announcing in the local newspaper.

“There is so much peace there. We have a constant flow of people and events here. I have decided to relax their totally,” she told her friends.


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