“A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession.”

We all have secrets, we want to reveal or share those secrets but we don’t know where, we cannot share with our friends or family as we can’t trust them, so what to do? Who will be our soul mate? Who can keep our secret and keep our identity hidden? Who can listen to our angst and give us the right advice.

So here is your problem solver who can keep your identity secret absolutely and it’s none other than Confess App. It is a platform to yield your secrets, to ease your qualms, to get over the remorse of unconscious incident, to share your silly moments, open your heart and much more. It’s an interesting and beautifully created app that has the warmth and the comfort level  to keep you occupied each and every day!

How the App Works?

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In Confess App, what do you exactly do? And how things work? You may have several questions in your mind about this app and how it is going to benefit you in any way. So here is the answer of your all innumerable queries.

  • You can choose a category that is best related to the kind of confession you are going to make.
  • Simply type your confession, upload it, and you are done.
  • The various categories that are available are Love, Discreet, Family Friends, Relationship, School, College, Work, etc.
  • Your confessions will remain anonymous if you want and people can read and suggest solutions to those confessions.
  • You can share your confession on social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, E mail and other social media.
  • You can invite your friends to join this super cool app.

Confess Anonymously without Guilt for a Better Life…


Confess App has been designed with many features and in collaboration with the latest technological advancements to provide the users with a convenient platform to confess their feelings, thoughts, emotions and secrets freely. Suppressing a guilty thought can create a havoc to your conscience and keep eating you from inside, thus, ruining your mind and body too.

 Fresh Features:

  • Keeps your identity anonymous
  • You can make your profile in it and can upload your profile pictures in it.
  • You get immediate updates and notifications on likes, comments and shares on your confession.
  • Every confession is sorted in categories making things hassle free.

Privacy and Security Settings

In terms of privacy and security also, this app gives you immense facilities. Some of the features you can enjoy are:

  • The user is fully anonymous.
  • Option to edit or delete confessions or comments.
  • Serial numbers tagged with each confession to keep a track
  • In particular confession, you can tag your friends.

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading the app and keep confessing!

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