Bigg Boss throws Om Swami out for his this disgusting act!

Bigg Boss 10 is getting nastier by the day. And the person responsible for the entire dirt on the show’s tenth edition is Swami Om. But this time, he has gone a step too far. And he has been thrown out of the house. Bigg Boss introduced a captaincy task between Om and Bani wherein the duo had make their individual pyramids and the other housemates could support anyone between Bani and Om.


This didn’t go down well with Swami, Om threw his pee on Rohan and Bani. Following this bizarre incident, an infuriated Bani kicked him whereas Rohan slapped him once again and thrashed Swami.. Rest of the housemates were also appalled by Swami’s disgusting act This time all the housemates were by Bani and Rohan’s side. They were extremely angry and demanded the makers to take serious action against this sleaze of a man.

According to a report Bigg Boss makers have thrown Swami Om out of the house. Bigg Boss announced that despite repeated warnings, Om Swami’s behaviour on the show has remained unacceptable and hence, he is immediately kicked out of the show.

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