KanganaRanaut’s meeting with famous writer Rajat Sharma stood out as truly newsworthy. She was gotten some information about her tussle with Hrithik Roshan and in the event that it was escaping hand, why she never moved toward the ladies commission.

To this she stated,  “He (Hrithik) threatened to expose my pictures and videos if I did not apologise. I was working with Vishal Bhardwaj at the time. Vishal said I would be mentally disturbed if he actually makes such pictures public. He suggested I should go to the commission and request them even if you don’t interfere in the entire case, they must take action on this particular threat. My sister Rangoli called up Gurmeet Chadha (who is the head in Mumbai) and she was excited to take up the ‘high-profile’ case. Two days later, I got a call from Rakesh Roshan’s office. Kitnebikau log hain, women commission se to nafrat ho gai mujhe, ye log dhongihainsaare.”

Presently, Mahila Congress’ ex-VP Gurpreet Kaur Chadha has revealed to her adaptation of the story to a main newspaper “At least get my name right. It’s Gurpreet, not Gurmeet,” said the previous general secretary of the Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress. “When I referred to Rakeshji [Roshan] and Hrithik as ‘bade log’, I didn’t intend to intimidate her [Kangana] like she is now suggesting. It was a simple comment,” included Chadha.

Clarifying it further, Chadha expressed, “Kangana and Rangoli [Ranaut’s sister] wanted to amicably sort out the issue and reached out to me because Rakeshji is like family. When I connected with him, he said he’d be willing to communicate only if Kanganaapologised. When I told Rangoli about this, she said, ‘The case is with the Cyber Crime Cell; they will pursue it.'”

Chadha additionally included that she had asked for the Ranauts to give a composed objection on the issue. “There was no further communication with them. Rangoli stopped answering my calls,”included Chadha.

“Kangana owes me an apology. I will send her a notice. I could even sue her for defamation but I wouldn’t do that to another woman,” Gurpreet told the tabloid demanding an apology from the actor.

Interestingly, Sheetal Mahatra, president of the Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress, told the tabloid that she had no idea about the case – ”

Gurpreet told the newspaper requesting a statement of regret from the performing artist.

Curiously, Sheetal Mahatra, leader of the Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress, told the newspaper that she had no clue about the case – “Gurpreet has not been active for the past year because of personal engagements. I was never informed about this case. After watching the episode [interview], I sent Kangana a text message, but I’m yet to hear from her.”

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