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This contestant is the first one to reach the finale week

By admin

January 12, 2017

Manu and Manveer finally made it to the race for the ticket finale. They were taken to the mall for seeking public votes. It was a big day for both the contestants. As soon as they reached the mall, they were greeted with lots of love by their fans.

The two couldn’t control their excitement as the huge crowd cheered for them. They interacted with their fans and asked them to vote. Very soon, the crowd went out of control and Manu and Manveer were taken away from the place.

When they reached Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss asked them to count the votes. The majority of votes was with Manveer and he became the first contestant to reach the finale week. He has also been appointed the next captain of the house.

Who will win the finale? Any guesses?

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