Its been more than a month that Bigg Boss season 11 began. The show has been giving us a daily dose of drama and entertainment ever since then. A couple of contestants are out of the show and the competition is getting tougher every week. Slowly, we are getting to see the contestants getting into ugly fights to get more footage on the show. Relationships, friendships, everything is fading away as the final battle is coming closer. The most intersting episode of the show has to be the nomination day as we get to see the reality as to what contestants think about each other.

While Shilpa Shinde got an immmunity earlier this week for the big secret task, Benafsha Soonawalla, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Priyank Sharma, Sapna Choudhary, Mehjabi Siddiqui got nominated for the eviction this week by captain Puneesh. These contestants were selected by the housemates for nomination out of the 7 names given to them by captain Puneesh. Once again Luv Tyagi got saved at last from the nominations. Hiten, who is one of the strongest contestants on the show also got saved from getting his name to the evictions.

Now the weekend is near and we will soon get to know who will get evicted from the house this week. Meanwhile, ‘Hindustan Ki Janta’ wants Mehjabi out of the show. As per a recent poll, viewers wants Mehjabi to get evicted from the show this week. Mehjabi, who entered the show with a promise to create tons of drama in the house but failed to do so. Initially, she was seen very actively on the show, now she is hardly seen. There are high chances of Mehjabi getting evicted from the show this week.

If we talk about other nomninated contestants, Sabyasachi and Benafsha have not been actively particiapting in anything inside the house. They are not really seen on the show and that is another reason that these two are likely to get evicted if Mehjabi is saved. Sapna and Priyank on the other hand are somehow more active than the other nominated contestants and may get saved this week.

Also, before the evictions, we will get to see a major fight on the show as the contestants will be seen playing the blame game with each other after the big failure of the luxury budget task. Let’s see what happens on this weekend! Stay tuned!

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