Community transmission is something that we all dreaded since the coronavirus outbreak. Hence, we resorted to a nation-wide lockdown for practising social distancing. However, it has started and it is scaring the sh*t out of everyone.

While the majority of the cases in India have been those who have a travel history,  Bhilwara city in Rajasthan has received a cluster of cases where there was community transmission of coronavirus among people who have never travelled outside India.

Bhilwara is located nearly 250 km from Jaipur and known for one of the largest textile industries in India. The spinning machines, which used in the textile industry are imported from Italy, China and Germany. There is a total of 892 spinning mills in India and 69 out of 892 are located in Bhilwara district in Rajasthan.

Bhilwara is the largest manufacturer of fabrics in India and 50 per cent of the total polyester comes from this city only. The fear of spreading coronavirus is spreading across the people connected with the textile industry and it is obvious because the owners of spinning mills regularly visit China, Italy and Middle-East. Similarly, people of Italy and China who are connected with the textile industry also visit Bhilwara regularly.

Bhilwara in Rajasthan becoming an epicentre of the virus, as the total number of the positive cases in the district reached 19 — including 15 medical practitioners — on Thursday, pushing the total number of Covid-19 cases in the state to 43. The other three include the wife of a doctor who works at a private hospital, where 15 doctors have tested positive. “Nineteen coronavirus positive patients have been found during the sampling of 439 in Bhilwara district,” said Rajendra Bhat, District Collector, Bhilwara.

The death toll due to Coronavirus had reached 2 in Bhilwara. However, the officials of Rajasthan said, the first person who died due to the pre-existing conditions, not because of the novel coronavirus. But the second person was tested positive with Covid-19 before his death. According to an official release, the deceased person had a kidney-related chronic ailment and was diabetic. The patient suffered a brain stroke and subsequently went into coma.

These 2 people died at Bangar hospital in Bhilwara, which has now become a kind of the epicentre of the novel coronavirus patients in Rajasthan. According to the reports, a total of 17 staff members and other people have tested positive here. According to Rohit Kumar Singh, additional chief secretary in the health department, the novel coronavirus outbreak at the Bangar Hospital happened due to one doctor with a travel history to the Middle East.

Doctor of the Bangar hospital became the source of novel coronavirus infection to the staff members and patients admitted in the ICU of the hospital. According to the officials, the doctor later visited a resort in Udaipur and might have infected other people as well. Raghu Ram, Rajasthan Health Minister, said the government would lodge an FIR against the doctor for negligence and causing risk to others.

However, there is another theory, according to which, the source of novel coronavirus outbreak in Bhilwara was a patient who was treated unsuccessfully for pneumonia and later referred to a bigger hospital in Jaipur, where he died. Some say that person could have been infected with novel coronavirus but he was not tested for it anywhere. He had symptoms of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, The entire district of Bhilwara has been sealed and 13 chowkis have been established. As a precautionary measure, 4,000 quarantine beds have been established in the district. Isolation ward of 80 beds has also been prepared.

While Bhilwara has the potential to emerge as the world’s largest textile destination, the fear of an Italy-like Corona community outbreak will continue to haunt the people of Rajasthan.

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