If your man is a cricket lover and you are a B-Town enthusiast or vice versa, no couple can give you better couple styling tips than Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. The duo is always spotted in subtle yet chicky outfits whether its their casual airport look, romantic vacations, film premieres or a cricket match. Here is our guide on how you can do couple styling the #Virushka way.



Match your tees in style like Virat and Anushka. You can go for a white tee while your partner can go for a contrasting colored tee. You both can also go with the same colored tee with slightly different shade.

Couples who accessorize together, slay together! Match your accessories like Virat and Anushka sharing their cap style!


You and your partner can keep your style laid-back and easy by taking this earthy approach from Virat and Anushka. You can style in a neutral all-black or all-white tone while your partner can complement your style with similar neutrals.



Match your style by matching your print. Virat and Anushka do it by matching their striped T-shirts. You can match your stripes, polka dots, florals or animal skin patterns.




For a chic dinner look, Virat and Anushka keep their outfits stylish yet casual by having a basic black as the central theme of their individual looks. While Virat goes for an all-black look, Anushka adds a pop of colour with the red floral print.


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