Microbiota or microorganisms bacteria are naturally present on our body when we are born. Yes human beings are not a sterile body when born and this micro flora is generally not pathogenic unless allowed to over grow.

Our body flora bacteria never dies and slowly decays or joins another human or plant being after our death. Nature play on humans has always been above technology and yes been always there and shall be. Current SARS COVID2019 has also surely taught us all to bend our head be a rich elite Prince or a street pauper, be the Ruler of leading most economy and superpower of the world or leading the most technologically driven country.

Nothing comes above Mother Nature. Let’s today as a Dermatologist she discuss few points on how to Take Care of your skin in these stressful times and what can be the science behind same. Friends, normal com medals and bacteria depending on the varied environment of the skin of various body parts results in locally dense or sparse populations, with Gram-positive organisms (e.g., staphylococci, micrococci, diphtheroids) usually predominating but even in 4 days of home care certain bacterial growth can change. Interestingly human body,  contains about 10 raised to 13 cells, routinely harbours about 10raised to 14 bacteria Naturally!

So let’s start from children in this time of lockdown and yes lockdown can ideally be longer than 21 days as per global trend and since we have a Prime Minister who is taking care of the Nation as his child be prepared he may as well for our good prolong it if it’s needed so.

Children should bathe only once so as to not disturb the normal flora and also no chemicals. Try to keep a soap which is a white colour and least chemicals. Any whether that you stay in try to oil the body as dryness of skin leads to increased susceptibility to infections always. Keep nails and hair short preferably. In girl, the child keeps hair loose so as to avoid hair fall. Try to ensure they wear plain cotton clothes and their clothes should be washed with antiseptic.

For teenagers especially females who are acne-prone stick to simple face wash once a day which is containing preferably salicylic acid and other time if a home remedy can be done even if the skin is normal and not acne-prone is a good idea:
Try using 

•Fullers Earth 


•Curd (if no acne and normal skin or dry skin)

•Water (if acne skin)

•Apply this and wash after 2 minutes as a normal face wash.

Good idea to use 6 days a week a vitamin C based serum for normal and oily skin but in dry skin try to apply vitamin C based cream. 

If you have tanning or pigmentation then yes this is the best time lockdown and make use of it and apply at night on your face a cream which is preferably rich in azelaic acid or kojic acid or arbutin which all are natural mulberry and other berry extracts and can be applied by all. Also, a simple home remedy for all ages skin suffering from pigmentations and my favourite is applying Lemon juice and Tomato juice on face on the pigmented part daily and wash off after 15-20 minutes. For both men and females.

This lockdown time is to correct everything that we thought was wrong and can work upon in our otherwise highly busy life generally. Good to make time and help yourself and work upon on skin hair!

Try to keep skin fasting 2 days a week where you do nothing except wasn’t your face once with face wash according to your skin type and once with water alone if you are maintaining full lockdown. Apply 4 days a week antiageing cream with vitamin A and essential oils and once a week plain Vitamin C or essential oil. Depending on your sun type. Every 10 days in this lockdown scrubbing your face is a good idea. Also if you have to make a scrub yourself at home try using. Almond crushed powder with curd and sandalwood powder with fillers earth. A tsp of each. Apply and wash off after 10-15 minutes.

For adults beyond 45/ dry skin type 
Skin fasting is absolutely essential in this lockdown period which should just mean washing your face once or twice a day and applying nothing on that day.

But if any blackhead or acne-like whitehead is popping out which could well be your dead squamous cells of the skin accumulating and giving a pseudo appearance of acne but in touching a bumpy feeling can happen with lockdown as by this age our skin is used to more and different kind of stress and pollution on the skin which will go missing in lockdown. So It’s a good idea to use a blackhead remover strip cut it and use just spot on that else you can also use just a pinch of turmeric and lemon just on it apply with a brush and wash off that part with acne-prone skin face wash and that’s possible for you to procure amidst the lockdown.

As a dermatologist, she strongly suggests a few tips like:

•Avoid nail paint if possible as frequent hand washing can lead to nail polish and soap reactions and allergies and pompholyx like reactions or early yellow colour of the nail.

•Avoid oiling hair in the lockdown period please even if you have a very dry scalp.
•Keep the body of all ages moisturised and oiled all over so as to ensure better skin health you can use a simple technique after bathing is overtaken the last rinse and add 2-3 drops of any oil available at home preferably apricot, olive, almond oil.
•Learn to smile more and daily 5 minutes all after groups must look at the mirror and smile and try to remember 5 events of life they wish to relive. 
•Try to do some yoga or deep breathing depending on your physical fitness and choice.

•But it’s a great idea to do some fitness than just lay flat and not eat and sit leading to poor immunity when our body needs most nutrition, positive thoughts and mental and emotional strength to fight the Novel COVID Virus.

Interestingly not to fear as this Corona virus-like others previously have happened due to spillover from animals to human beings Severe Acute respiratory syndrome SARS 2002, Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS COV 2012 as per WHO MERS had a mortality rate of 34.4%   And SARS 9.5% still the fear and shock is most with SARS COV2 cause it very innocently can be present on inonimate objects over varying times depending on the external environment, humidity, temperature and type of material that the virus is stuck on cause this virus only decays won’t die outside the human body as it’s not a living organism. Exact hours are still to be concluded but standard being taken is 12 hours also asymptomatic Carrier stage of COVID19 is another reason of fear though this COVID2019 has high reproductive quotient in comparison to MERS and SARS luckily pathogenicity appears to be much lesser. So yes it’s highly contagious with no known cure at this moment. But science is life and the leader of science is the divine Mother universe, GOD! Prayers and globally suffering are surely going to create a new world and cleanse us all so it’s the right time to enhance your inner beauty. Learn to smile which meets the eye. Love often laugh often! Please stick to for all ages groups trying to ensure red yellow green purple all these colours according to age and body weight are eaten Daily as each colour in food items represent a unique vitamin and antioxidants and minerals.

Stay hydrated in lockdown it’s good for body skin and you in totality.  Try to have immunity boosters which will in turn help skin also stay healthy like Turmeric, honey, basil, pepper, neem, shilajit.

And yes as a dermatologist who always said and write extensively on sunscreen No during a lockdown you can miss out on the sunblock! I hope it’s for last time in life am saying that but yes little miss sunshine from the artificial bulbs phone and gadgets is needed so please during lockdown skip sunscreen! Save that time of skincare and invest in a new hobby!

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