Covid-19: Let’s Stay Positive While We ‘Stay At Home’

Wear mask! Use sanitizer! Don’t go outside! Keep distance! Aren’t we habituated with these words? Yes, we are. We have forgotten how to stay positive because many things are happening in the world right now. It is difficult to keep calm when we see near ones are passing away because of COVID. But life goes on. Time does not wait for anyone. Keeping this in mind, our article is here to give you positive vibes in this difficult time.

Let’s start with the guidelines that doctors have prescribed to prevent the virus. Before going outside, wear an N-95 mask and take sanitizer. Try to avoid gathering. Most importantly, do not spend too much time at shops. These are physical guidelines that should be followed. But people get panic attacks because of COVID and it becomes so severe that they die of it. So, apart from the physical guidelines, there are some mental guidelines too that we should focus on.

Good Vibes

Think Of Positive Always

POSITIVE – take this word as ‘I am mentally positive’ and not ‘what if I am COVID-POSITIVE.’ We should eat nutritious food more and work out. We should involve ourselves in gardening, listening to music, etc. Never think of negative.

To make yourself positive, try new dishes at home and feed your family. There are many online courses are going on, we can apply for them for healthy relaxation. Meditation is very important as it makes one emotionally calm and stable. 

Stay away from people physically but stay bonded by heart. All need help and do talk positive always when one needs it. We know music heals and calms our minds. Listen to music which you feel in your heart. Children are the most inspiring ones, so engage yourself with them in your family. Always involve yourself in works and never let negativity kill your brain and body.

We’re waking up to the news of our friends, relatives, and family dying every day. It’s taken a toll on our mental health and is scary out here. But we need to stay positive. Sun always shines after a night. Let’s wait, and we’ll see sunlight soon. A new variant of COVID has raised its head. People are again in dilemma. But we have to keep the faith. Good times will come soon. 


Say positive. Stay at home. Obey the guidelines. Help and give positive vibes to those who need it. We are all in this together. Let’s fight and win the race.

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