Coronavirus is certainly a big issue in India right now and all of us are together in this. While the entire country has gotten into lockdown and we are all locked inside our homes, what’s worrying is the fact that you need to know who all have the symptoms and get yourself tested. If you are also worried, here is a USA woman, who tested positive for COVID-19, sharing her complete list of symptoms from day 1 to day 10.

Recently, a woman, Bjonda Haliti, who claims to be affected with the virus has shared her story from having the symptoms to getting recovered from it. Her tweets have helped people to relieve stress during this pandemic outbreak.

The 22-year-old USA resident started to tweet when the initial symptoms of the disease showed up. She researched her symptoms on the internet and chose to take rest for the entire day. She then visited the doctor when things started to go downhill.

This initiative of Bjonda has helped people understand the actual symptoms of coronavirus and what to do during such a situation. It will also increase awareness among people to not panic with cold and cough during this outbreak.

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