COVID -19 Vaccine Gives You ‘Magnetic Powers?’ Read On To Find Out!

While various side effects of the Post COVID – 19 Vaccine have been reported in the past, recent claims of having developed ‘Magnetic Powers’ post-COVID-19 vaccination have taken social media by storm.

Various people from different parts of the country like Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Sikkim, and Karnataka have now made the same claim that their bodies have become ‘magnetic’ after taking the vaccine. To prove their point, many of them have also shared photos and videos on social media of various metallic items sticking onto their bodies.  A man from Nashik, Maharashtra said that metal objects have been sticking to his body following his vaccination. To prove his point, he also uploaded a video, displaying plates, spoons, and coins sticking to his body.



The Government has issued statements clearing the air and busting the ongoing myths about the vaccination. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) said these claims about Covid-19 vaccines giving magnetic superpowers are “baseless”. It also added, “Vaccines cannot cause a magnetic reaction in the body. Covid-19 vaccines are completely safe and don’t contain any metal-based ingredients.”

The Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA) has said that objects stick to one’s body due to moisture content on the skin. The FIRA has announced prize money of ₹1 lakh to those who will demonstrate such powers. “The moisture on the skin causes objects to stick owing to surface tension, and this is being claimed as magnetism,” Mr. Nayak, FIRA President said in a statement.

FIRA President Narendra Nayak and General Secretary Sudesh Ghoderao also suggested a test for the people claiming to have developed magnetic powers in their bodies. “Now sanitizers are available everywhere very easily. So, any alcohol-based sanitizer should be applied to any part of the body of the one who claims to have such power and dried with a napkin. Then the one who claims such powers should be asked to stick the object with which they have been showing off this so-called ‘magnetic power’ at the same place. The object will not stick because of the surface tension lowering property of the sanitizer,” the duo said.

“If anyone can demonstrate such a power under test conditions, we will be glad to hand over a reward of ₹1,00,000 on behalf of our association,” they further added.

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