Covid-19 Variant Lambda Could be Deadlier than Delta Variant ; Insights

The battle against Covid-19 has been longer than expected. While the countries began the surge to vaccinate their citizens for protection against the virus, the table turned meanwhile. Earlier, Delta and Delta Plus variants spread across hundred countries and are continuing to be a dangerous variant for the citizens. However, this week, the announcement of the Lambda variant spreading across 25 nations has alarmed the world to keep a constant check. The variant was first found in Peru in June. Currently, there has been no case of the Lambda variant in India, said the Union Health Ministry.

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lambda variant spread

Lambda variant spread

All You Need to Know About Lambda Variant 

lambda variant

Lambda variant

  • South American countries witnessed the Lambda variant for the first time, and it quickly spread to other European nations. 
  • Scientifically known as C.37, the mutation of the variant is faster than the previous variants, like Delta and Delta Plus. It is so because the spike protein of this variant has seven mutations while the previous variants had three, respectively. 
  • Though the surge of the vaccines continues globally, the dose might not be potent to fight the Lambda variant. But the research also mentions that there is yet to be a solid conclusion upon the same.
  • The symptoms of the Lambda variant are the same as the covid-19 symptoms like fever, loss of taste, runny nose, etc. If you witness any specified signs, you must watch closely and consult a doctor as soon as possible. 

The Current Situation of Covid-19 In India

The tourist spots have been the hub spots of the covid-19 surface. The third wave of covid-19 that could have been avoided may now take place in the upcoming six to eight weeks. The cases have been surging higher in Kerala and Maharashtra. Lately, a new case of the Zika virus has arrived in Kerala. It is a rare virus; however, it can lead to paralysis or cause birth problems in pregnant women. 

zika virus

zika virus

Also, Pfizer and BioNTech have been working for the third dose of vaccinations against the Delta Variant. Meanwhile, the Punjab Government has allowed colleges, cinemas, bars, restaurants, and malls to re-open for people with at least one vaccination dose. The schools still remain shut. Gatherings of 100 people indoor and 200 people outdoors are authorized in Punjab. Moreover, the Chief Minister, Amarinder Singh, has allowed the police to arrest/fine charges on any political leader who is violating the covid-19 norms. 

Lastly, PM Modi has been looking over the availability of oxygen supplies in the country. The central and state governments are preparing for ups and downs before the arrival of the third wave. 

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