Crazy Female Fan Of Varun Dhawan Threatened To Kill His Girlfriend Natasha If He Doesn’t Meet Her

Bollywood stars seem to have that dream life from the outside but if we take a closer look in their lives, we realize how crazy it can get to be a star in the star-worshipping industry. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded either by the paparazzi or by the fans trying to get your autograph or a selfie. While stars usually manage all this intrusion in their lives, sometimes it becomes all too scary for them as well.

Recently, it is was Varun Dhawan who went through a lot of trouble dealing with one of his female fans. A female fan of Varun created drama outside his house. As per a source from the actor’s security team, she wanted to meet Varun, was waiting outside his house for a long time and didn’t wish to return without having a tryst with him. It is a part of security team’s job to deal with the fans who are mostly nice and sweet and never cross their limits. What’s more, Varun also take selfies with them if he has time.

Well, nowadays he is very busy but this fan was adamant and in no mood to listen while Varun returned late and wanted to take rest. At first, she threatened to harm herself but when it didn’t help, she started saying that she would take Natasha’s life.

To this statement, the team of Varun Dhawan got a bit alarmed and told the actor about the same. He also got panicked and when she refused to return even after 45 minutes, the security team decided to take help of local police. A formal complaint has been lodged in the Santa Cruz police station and an FIR will be registered only after the “Judwaa 2” actor gives his statement.

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal have been dating for a very long time now and the two are also expected to tie the knot this year itself. Although majority of his fans are dying to see him marry the love of his life, Natasha, there are other fans who are super jealous with this union. But this kind of behavior where you are threatening to take someone’s life is just not appreciated.


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