Saif Ali Khan is one of the most popular stars of Bollywood and happens to be a nawab also. Saif Ali Khan is among the richest stars in Bollywood with a net worth of 1,100 crores and an annual income of 55 crores. Saif Ali Khan started his Bollywood career with a movie named Prampara in 1992 directed by Yash Chopra. Over the years Saif had many blockbuster movies like Hum Tum, Love Aaj Kal, Race, cocktail. This blockbusters not only made him famous, but also helped him to buy some expensive stuff. Here are some most expensive things Saif owns.

1. Harley Davidson Iron 883

Much like other boys Saif Ali Khan has an inseparable love for bikes. Saif owns a Harley Davidson Iron 883, that is a premium cruiser bike worth rupees 9.23 Lakhs and is one of the expensive cruiser bikes in the market.

2. Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500

unlike other Bollywood Stars Saif also owns a bunch of premium Luxurious cars. Ford Mustang is an American Machine and is famous for its sporty cars. Ford Mustang GT 500 is one of the most stylistic and premium cars in its segment. Saif owns a Ford Mustang GT 500 which is priced rupees 90 Lakhs.

3. Watch collection

Saif has a crazy love for watches. Saif owns a very beautiful collection of wrist watches worth rupees 3.3 crores. If rumors are to be believed, Saif changes his wrist watch thrice a day.

4. House in Gstaad Switzerland

Bollywood celebs owing a house outside India are, no matter a surprise. Nawab owns a beautiful house in Gstaad, Switzerland. It’s serene house covers with snow all around. The view from this house in winters is magnificent.

5. Pataudi Palace

But above all, Saif is a nawab and like all other royal Nawabs, Saif also owns a Pataudi Palace which is worth rupees 800 crore.