Balancing out just about anything is difficult. Even if we would have been living in a high school drama where the main genre was love, we would still be trying to figure out ways of handling our lives on a regular basis. But we are not in a some fantasy series (or maybe we are and the series are the real world? O.o *ok that was just me mumbling*). We are, on a daily basis, handling a number of things; love (singles have one less thing to handle I guess), friends, family, work, work colleagues, your hobbies (if you have any) and maybe a some more stuff which I am yet to know about. Amongst all these, the two things that people find most hard to balance out is their love life and their career life (sorry again to the singles reading this post). Personally, I think that handling friends and love life should be more difficult but who am I to talk? After all I am the single friend who is the ‘advice giver’ (ok I’ll stop here with the sad single jokes). Here are a few tips to handle you love and work together without spelling the beans.


Just one more thing before the tips, you lover is supposed to be your best friend or at least someone who comes right after your best friend and you don’t need actually need to make a timetable when you balance things with friends right? They are the understanding people of your extended family and you are the same to them. Keeping this in mind, let’s start with the tips.

Fences are important- You both need to talk and let each other know your schedule. Make It clear as to how serious you are about your work and tell you partner to respect the fences. But at the same time do tell your partner that they are equally important and respect your together time as well. When you work, you work; but when you love, you love.

Dividing the bills- It is not possible that the both of you will make equal money. One of you may be making more money and this may pressurize the other partner so it is important to divide the bills in a way that is convenient to both of you. Remember that you want to build a home not a competition stadium.

Sacrifices are just as important as fences- Just because you have a work schedule does not mean that you need to swear to it by heart. Don’t forget why we make money. It is to protect and provide the necessary for our loved ones and ourselves. So, if your partner needs you at some time then you need to understand that a living person is more important than your work. Leaving everything to pay attention to this one person is most important here.

Make combined choices- Now that you are sharing almost everything, big decisions need to be shared as well. This does not mean that you should force yourselves to intertwine your lives, but that this will happen without fail if the two of you are serious about your relation. Like I mentioned earlier, your lover is your bestie as well and do we take big decisions without talking to our besties first? Nope.

Saying ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’- You might have a rule among yourselves to not sat thanks and sorry as it might seem formal but this is the best things that can escape your mouth. These two words have really deep meanings and saying them just once can solve a lot of problems. So, always show your gratefulness by saying thank you and convey your apologies by saying sorry.

I hope this will help all those out there at least a little, to balance out your lives. As for the singles, you can use all of your focus to become millionaires!

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