Critics Praise ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Says ‘It’s Bigger & Better’ Than First One

Pandora is back, and critics are thrilled about his return. Avatar: The Way of Water, the second part of the 2009 box office smash, had its world premiere this Tuesday in London. The audience applauded director James Cameron for his amazing spectacles and extraordinary visual effects.

Yolanda Machado recently tweeted, “James Cameron is a technology master… and his direction is at its most precise here. The film as a whole, while a technological marvel with a breathtaking world, is just [laugh emoji]. Dances with Wolves and Free Willy for Gen Z!”

Critic Scott Mantz stated the film is “breathtakingly beautiful with the most incredible VFX I have ever seen (I saw it in 3D); the story itself is weaker than the first and feels drawn out at 3 hours & 10 minutes, but it’s always great to look at & the last hour is amazing.”

Amon Warmann also enjoyed the second part and thinks it’s better than the first one and remarked, “… good news is that 3D is good again (yay!), and the action is pretty incredible (especially in the final act). But many of the storylines feel like they have to stop and start, and the high frame rate was hit & miss for me.”

Nikki Novak also tweeted, “If you think you’ve seen #Avatar think again. Only repeat from the OG is that ‘never experienced anything like it’ awe. Better than 1st? Easily. The 3D water world & creatures are so surreal it is downright moving. There’s a major Titanic homage.”

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