Rahul Bajaj once famously said, “The size of the drawing room of a Delhi Businessman is usually bigger than his industry.” Your home is a reflection of who you are. It creates a first impression for both personal and business connections that enter therein. And Delhiites will spare no effort to show their wealth and splendour of their homes, that the Mumbai Vyapari with double the revenues but living in a one room pads can never think of doing. Nothing is more important to a home than is its interior design and the quality of its furnishings. As a Delhiite, you would love to show off your wealth. And the first features your visitors will note, is your home’s design and furniture that should convey the aspects of your personality you wish to put forth.

Interior designs for homes are no longer the preserve of the rich and wealthy. The concept of good living is catching up even with the middle class Indians especially in metro cities. The middle class is now rich enough to afford luxury cars and customized interiors. They do not mind spending an extra buck in decorating their new homes. This has resulted in a boom in the décor mart. If you are very choosy and have an individualistic approach and do not like the current ‘one size fits all’ trend, the best option is to go for customisation.

There are lot of service providers and interior designers who will customise the décor as per your requirements and taste. To get personal feel at your home, try to discover ideas from nature. Nature give rise to endless things, thus we can take number of ideas from natural resources. The soothing colours suiting to your rooms and accessories embellished in your room should manifest a style of your own. Sometimes simpler versions may give a lot of joy and satisfaction of personal feel.


Hint of luxury

Customised interior 4-OptimizedDesigns that are completely customised have many benefits which few people truly grasp.  Customised furniture also adds hints of luxury to your home at costs that are perhaps less than what you might imagine. The best interior designer works closely with the homeowner, ensuring that it’s your own tastes that are being reflected in the home. They are experts at drawing out, directing and incorporating your personal style into the look of your home. While good designers can reflect their own good taste, great designers bring out the best in you.

“The customisation options are in a way far better to choose from, than stock available in the market. An adequate selection from a furniture store can fit homes but can neither be a designed creation nor fill spaces properly. Customisation brings out individual design taste very differently,” avers interior designer Lipika Sud.


Increasing trend

Today when we talk of interiors, the first thing that catches our mind is stylized look which can be achieved by customised designing. Today with the changing trends and availability of enormous designer options one need the services of qualified interior designers to make homes look different-a designer creation.

Customised interior 2-Optimized

“This has further given way to fashioned interiors where you understand the needs of people using space and provide them with creative safe aesthetic and functional solutions keeping theme, product and ambience in mind. The concept of customised designing is the trend today. The whole process of customised designing besides creative is quite a technical skill where you start from conceptualisation of plan to reviving and monitoring of internal civil structure to the process of finalizing theme with product as per the site size till completion of space with accessories,” explains Anjali Goel, director and CEO of LA Sorogeeka.

Customised interior 1-Optimized

Lipika Sud lists the advantages of customisation. “Basically that every client can adopt a different design or styling for their individual taste/décor which makes every style different in its own way. The furniture can be planned much in advance and hence the furniture fits the spaces as a last step before occupation. This saves time and all fitments fill their designed spaces perfectly.”


Complete transformation

The customised interior could be created by combining different design elements and harmonizing them with the requirement of the person using space as it’s very important to achieve the look that reflects the persona of the individual using it. This kind of concept designing helps to transform a house into a home.

Customised interior 3-Optimized-Optimized“The furniture plays an important role in customisation. How you design a table or place a chair can make or break the complete look and feel of the space. Choosing right furniture and placing it properly adds visual appeal to the space. It is not only the design but the use of material also that goes a long way to add some intrinsic value. The selection of material to veneer to polish should be in sync with colour scheme, theme (flooring ceiling design.). While the use of solid wood furniture with leather upholstery adds warmth, use of mirror and chenille adds opulence and sophistication. There is no end to designing and styling for customised interiors. You can get any look weather contemporary oriental or modern and give your imagination a free rein,” suggests Anjali Goel.

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