Cute little things you do which your man finds too adorable

Girls may be your guy is too shy to express his true feelings or maybe they are poor in expressing their emotions as they find it a quite hard task. But that doesn’t mean they are not paying heed to your activities. Quietly or secretly they notice each and every effort you make and every little thing you do intentionally or unintentionally. The only complain we have is men don’t easily show their emotions. But believe it girls your guy loves and admires cute little things which you do. They really find it damn cute and it makes them really happy from within. Here are certain cute things which your man loves it and finds it damn adorable.

When you play with your hair

Flicking your hair around, touching your hair, putting it up and then down again, all these cute gestures which you may be doing unintentionally makes your man’s heart beat faster.

When you narrate your problem

The quirky faces you make while explaining about the bad day you had. Even though you are frustrated and mad, your man finds it too cute.

When you send him goofy selfish

Your man loves your craziness especially those silly selfish you click for him. It undoubtedly makes them fall for you all over again.

When you wear his oversize clothes

Have you ever tried your man’s clothes, like his t-shirts or shirts. It may make you feel comfortable but you don’t know the fact that they love your cute look in their oversize tees.

When you call him with cute names

He may not say it but girls they truly loves the way you pamper them and give them stupid names.