When you plant a new sapling you need to nurture it so that it can grow into a healthy tree, in the same way when you start a relationship you have to do certain things to make it stronger and a happy one. When you are new in relationship you may find it challenging task to know each other and is quite an exciting experience. Everyone wish to get a partner who treats them bit special. There are ways to make your sweetheart feel really blessed and these simple gestures can help your relationship live longer and stronger.


  1. Communicate and be yourself

It is said most of the life’s problems can be solved with good communication and it works as cherry on the top when you showcase the real you in front of your partner. Never ever hide your true emotions as it can prove toxic for your relationship. Couples that communicate well, essentially last longer.

  1. Spending time is the key

Time plays the most vital role in a love life. And it can’ t be compared with any amount of telephonic conversations and texting. You are making memories when you spend quality time together which works as love booster for your relationship. So make it a point to never let your daily chorus come in between you and your partner. As it is one of the surest ways to create a deep understanding between you and your partner.

3. Use the word “we”

Never ever forget that when you enter a new relationship you are not alone anymore. It’s not “you” now it has become “we”. Never restrict yourself to “I”. This simple yet mature thought can do wonders for your new relationship.

  1. Respect his/her beliefs

No relationships are complete without little quarrel. You may have differences of thoughts and beliefs which is quite obvious. But make it a point to broad your acceptance power when you enter a relationship. Relationships are about working together and seeing beyond each other’s minor imperfections.

  1. Encourage/complement each other

Backing up each other on little things can make your love life amazing but sadly most couple forgets this soon they are in relationship. Never miss a chance to complement each other, appreciate each other, this creates a special bond among couples.


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