At the end of the day she is also a mother.

By Deeksha Tar


The rains are here and so are the power cuts. As I desiccated my hair after a night bath, the current decided to kiss goodbye. Though frightened and terrified of the darkness, I controlled my trepidation. If I scream what are my neighbours going to think about me, I thought. I comforted my end on the mattress and strove to settle down. Just then I perceived a sound. Seconds before the coward in me bowed down to fear, I made a valiant effort. I hastily searched for my phone and put on the flash. And there he was. Drenched in water, seating on the windowpane mystified, unable to decide his steps. I went up to him, put him on the floor. Before I could hunt for the towel to dry him, she took over the charge. She was his producer, someone who cared more than I did. He mewed constantly, but stationed as soon as the mom took over. They are my furry bundles of ecstasy. My cat, Oreo and his mom Cutie.

“Mother is so much Caring”

Both settled on new plush carpet in the room. I didn’t feel like shooing them away. I let them continue. Substantiating they were all right as I rested on my twin bed.


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