Part 2: Pet Lover

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A year ago we decided to adopt a cat with her kitten. Being animal lovers the joy of welcoming them was immense. I took over the charge of feeding and taking care of them. They were my responsibility. The mother cat was very forthcoming and used to fondle her fur on my legs, sit on my lap and even slept with me. Most of the time she would be resting or feeding the kitten. She did occupy herself with him, but mostly let him fiddle with her tail. I used to find it fascinating to gaze at him running around for no one. He used to be in high spirits.

“Sleepy Cat”

Progressively they accepted our house. Taking care of them was not as easy as I had anticipated. Luckily, they looked after their poops and pees. I felt envious of them. Being a kid I never had the liberty they both did. They played ferociously everywhere in the house, broke whatever came in the way of their play. They jumped, scratched and tore apart the sheets, furniture gadgets including. They didn’t fear being punished or yelled at.


“Love of my life”

Feeding was also a concern. They wouldn’t eat the processed food for lunch and dinner; they only consumed boiled fish or chicken. Processed food and milk they ate like we have our snacks. The cat mostly had food without any ruckus. But Oreo, as we named him, was very ratty. I felt like I was feeding a toddler. I had shouldered the responsibility of kids who would never grow up. When we sat to have our meals they sat alongside on the chair, irrespective of the fact whether they ate or not. Their no-precincts and no-rule theory used to be troublesome sometimes, especially when we used to have guests. Every day I looked forward to meeting them after college. Every time

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