Cutie: Woman’s Era Originals

At the end of the day she is also a mother.

By Deeksha Tar


The rains are here and so are the power cuts. As I desiccated my hair after a night bath, the current decided to kiss goodbye. Though frightened and terrified of the darkness, I controlled my trepidation. If I scream what are my neighbours going to think about me, I thought. I comforted my end on the mattress and strove to settle down. Just then I perceived a sound. Seconds before the coward in me bowed down to fear, I made a valiant effort. I hastily searched for my phone and put on the flash. And there he was. Drenched in water, seating on the windowpane mystified, unable to decide his steps. I went up to him, put him on the floor. Before I could hunt for the towel to dry him, she took over the charge. She was his producer, someone who cared more than I did. He mewed constantly, but stationed as soon as the mom took over. They are my furry bundles of ecstasy. My cat, Oreo and his mom Cutie.

“Mother is so much Caring”

Both settled on new plush carpet in the room. I didn’t feel like shooing them away. I let them continue. Substantiating they were all right as I rested on my twin bed.


Part 2: Pet Lover

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A year ago we decided to adopt a cat with her kitten. Being animal lovers the joy of welcoming them was immense. I took over the charge of feeding and taking care of them. They were my responsibility. The mother cat was very forthcoming and used to fondle her fur on my legs, sit on my lap and even slept with me. Most of the time she would be resting or feeding the kitten. She did occupy herself with him, but mostly let him fiddle with her tail. I used to find it fascinating to gaze at him running around for no one. He used to be in high spirits.

“Sleepy Cat”

Progressively they accepted our house. Taking care of them was not as easy as I had anticipated. Luckily, they looked after their poops and pees. I felt envious of them. Being a kid I never had the liberty they both did. They played ferociously everywhere in the house, broke whatever came in the way of their play. They jumped, scratched and tore apart the sheets, furniture gadgets including. They didn’t fear being punished or yelled at.


“Love of my life”

Feeding was also a concern. They wouldn’t eat the processed food for lunch and dinner; they only consumed boiled fish or chicken. Processed food and milk they ate like we have our snacks. The cat mostly had food without any ruckus. But Oreo, as we named him, was very ratty. I felt like I was feeding a toddler. I had shouldered the responsibility of kids who would never grow up. When we sat to have our meals they sat alongside on the chair, irrespective of the fact whether they ate or not. Their no-precincts and no-rule theory used to be troublesome sometimes, especially when we used to have guests. Every day I looked forward to meeting them after college. Every time

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Part 3: Where are you?

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I would unfasten the entrance to enter, Oreo used to hop over. I always used to be alert, but he startled me all the time. One day when I returned he was busy playing with a dried leaf. He didn’t bother to greet me. I kissed him and moved towards the main door to unlock it. As I looked for the keys, I heard him mewing. I couldn’t figure out his grounds. His tone amplified. I was afraid of him now, even though he was miniature. He was in rage with his fur standing straight. I moved aside. I had stepped on his leaf. He bit my small finger and continued with his play. I went inside.


“Oreo…. where are you?”

I had my dinner followed by a shower. Oreo was nowhere around. Cutie refused food. She mewed endlessly. I couldn’t really understand what she wanted to convey. I felt she didn’t like the food I had placed in her bowl. I offered options. But that didn’t settle her down. Maybe, the food was not the cause. I opened the door and she ran out. I thought she wanted to pee, I followed. But I realized that she was searching for something. The tone of her mews was unheard of. She seemed apprehensive. I felt worried. I didn’t know why but I went inside and inquired my mum if Oreo was in. She gave me a negative reply. I searched every nook and cranny of the house. I was weeping. I didn’t apprehend anything. My mom was searching in the lawns. My brain power had finished off. I didn’t know what to do. I felt helpless. Where was he?

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Summary So Far: Till now, you have read about a girl who loves Oreo and Cutie very much. She really loves pet and caring them. But what happened next? Is she was able to take care of them properly? Where was Oreo? Why was she helpless in searching Oreo? Find out in the last part.

Part 4: The Unconditional Love


I went to my room howling, hid under the sheet. I couldn’t just help myself. I didn’t want to lose him. A thump on the door woke me up. I checked my phone. It was 6 in the morning. I slept while sobbing with the lights on. I opened the door still in sleep. My mom was standing with Cutie and Oreo. I was astonished. After I returned to my room yesterday Cutie continued with her hunt. She refused to get indoors. Attempts to keep her in failed. She just kept on mewing. My parents didn’t know what to do. They went around and searched even in the neighbors’ compounds. Alas! they couldn’t find him. Like me, they even dozed off past midnight. In the morning when my parents woke up at the ring of alarm, they saw Oreo and Cutie lying on the couch.


“Do Not Disturb” 

I felt ashamed calling myself a pet lover. The pride I displayed felt phony. I felt frail in their love. I felt helpless. But she didn’t give up. She ensured that she located her son. I didn’t manage to live up to the responsibility I had undertaken. But she did. At the end of the day she is a mother whose love cannot match up to anybody else’s. She was an example of factual affection. I just hugged both of them. Cutie permitted, Oreo was in no frame of mind. My trail of thoughts were disturbed by loud music on television. The lights were back. I woke up to find both sleeping serenely.