Having both the parents in our life is like blessing. It is believed that for a child’s overall development and growth both parents are needed as each one of them have their individual roles to play in a kid’s life.

Have you ever thought how life would be when you are a girl child and you only have your father by your side?

Little girl rides high on dad's shoulders

When we talk about single parenting it is assumed that it’s about single mothers struggling to raise her child all alone as females are already considered inferior  in our society. But its not always the single mother who have to go through the storms, being a single father is even harder especially when you are a father of a girl child. Single parenting becomes extremely challenging for males as we know it is the mother who is born with the inbuilt  power to nurture a child and be empathetic but not the fathers.

Its like the roller coaster ride which a father have to go through while raising a child all alone.

From a secret keeper to the best mentor, mom plays a critical role in a girl’s life. Only a girl child can relate this fact that without mom life would be something else. A girl needs her mother in all stages of life but this need becomes mandatory especially when a girl enters in her teenage period. During this period there are so many things a girl can’t share it with her father and here comes the biggest challenge for a single father to understand his daughter and play the role of a support system for her.

Yes it is right to say that girls are daddy’s angels and they tend to be closer with dad but there is a thin line between father – daughter relation which we can’t avoid. Generally   it becomes easier for a father to get involve with sons but when it comes to daughter the whole matter becomes little sensitive. A father can give the whole universe to his daughter but it becomes next to impossible to fill the void which her mother left in her life.  It’s not like he is not putting the efforts, moreover he is the one who is sacrificing all his life to give best to his daughter. He will not leave any stone unturned to fulfill all the wishes his daughter made. In other words he is the life support system of his princess. But still life is different when a girl grows up with single father.

A combination of sympathy and surprise comes from people as response when they hear that you are raised by a single father. But only the girl can understand and realize,who have been raised by a single father that there will never anyone good enough for her like her father. He may never show it but he is the actual secret hero in a girl’s life who admire his daughter’s achievements without taking credit for it.

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