Part 4: The only one thing which we did not liked at all….

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Later on during the journey back home we were reflecting on all that had transpired in the previous 10 days. We had stored plenty of breeze in our lungs, heart and body pores, drunk crystal-clear waters of natural springs, inhaled tons of oxygen released by trees, had the joy to see the rise, fall and turns of the tree- laden hills, rejoined in collecting the trash, polythene bags, cigarette butts from the surroundings of the lake along with NCC cadets and enjoyed the variety of cultural programmes put up by the youthful cadets.

Unforgettable was the joy of eating self-plucked fruits like plum, guava, apricot from nearby orchards. For our fun we kept jumping up and down to grab some mangoes from low-hanging trees as well, though they were not of an edible variety. The mangoes were good for making pickles only, we were told by the natives. Besides, we had seen many newer kinds of birds and a swarm of tiny multicoloured butterflies.

My wife particularly liked the smart white rabbits that emerged from one cluster of dense bushes to disappear into another with lightning speed in their habitat. Everything was utterly different from our usual drab life in the concrete jungle enveloped by heavy emission of fumes of the vehicles where the so-called most civilised species on the earth known as the homo sapiens thrive. But what we did not like – or rather hated – was the mouthing of the abusive language by Col Buxi which spoilt the serenity of the sublime atmosphere where we were ourselves drawn too often to evade the boredom of the dark evenings.

“Col Buxi’s language”

After the morning phone call, my wife was unhappy. She would not like the barrage of foul language in our homely atmosphere.

A father-son duo using language filthy in the homely setting was not something any civilised person would ever like. What an impression my growing daughter and son would gather about our social circle.

My wife was all inclined to leave home as long as the visitors stayed inside. But her not being at home would amount to an insult to Col Buxi who was visiting after a long time to be with my family. In any case it was a matter of just one evening and I could prevail upon my wife to stay with me till the guests are seen off. His visit was upon us.

We were ready with tea and a wide range of snacks to receive Col Buxi and his family. In fact, as a part of a well-crafted strategy we were going to keep the mouths of the guests fully stuffed with food, giving them a minimal opportunity to talk.

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