Dazzling Singapore- Tips For First Time Travelers – I

If Singapore is in your list of travel destinations and that too if you are the first time visitor to this wonderland, then I am sure this article will take you on a quick ride through the best of this land of the Merlion. As a first time traveller myself,  I give a firsthand account of what I had experienced in this land of dreams.

Changi is vast and glamorous     

To start with, let me give the niceties of the Changi airport, a superb gateway to the word class tourist destination, Singapore. Rated as the best airports in the world and the 15th of the busiest airports, it serves about 51 million passengers a year.  What makes the airport stand apart is that it houses a butterfly garden, a cactus and flower garden, 24 hour open cinema halls, a sprawling swimming pool etc. This airport is a destination by itself and is a heaven for transit passengers.

The downside is that if you have to change flights at Singapore with an hour or two between flights, you could find it a nightmare. The walk from the planes to the exit gates are unusually long through some of the most mesmerising shopping plazas that could distract you endlessly. There are no announcements because flights are so many and you have to see the giant TV screens on the sides to decipher where is your next flight. Don’t get distracted by the glitz and glamour of Changi if you have a flight to catch.

If you are travelling east you could be headed to another terminal which is not a walk across the park but a 20 minutes journey  by a high speed metro. After you get down from the metro you walk for another 20 minutes at brisk pace through yet another maze of shopping which could distract you enough to just miss your connecting flight. First timers beware; don’t fool around at Changi if you have a connecting flight…..and a few hours at hand…..just run as if your life is at stake and board.

Gardens by the Bay:

We discovered this world of wonders that night we landed at Singapore. If you want to have an enriched experience, then please do visit this place in the late evenings. I am sure the key attractions of this place being the flower dome, cloud forest, the Supertree Grove, heritage gardens, world of plants, dragonfly lake etc., will awaken the inquisitiveness and the exploring nature in you. The cloud forest and the flower dome being two giant green houses will leave you spell bound as you can marvel all kinds of tropical plants, 2,000 meters above the sea level in the former and all kinds of impressive 30,000 flowering plants categorized into nine gardens in the latter. Another interesting feature of the cloud forest is that it houses the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls which will indeed dazzle your senses. Please do not miss the light and sound show at 7.45pm and 8.45pm daily when the artificial trees light up and dance to the musical tunes.

If you want to view an overwhelming display of music, lights and water laser show, and I am sure you will, then please do not miss this free, yet fantabulous display at Marina Bay Sands, the timings of the show being 7.30 pm and 9.30pm. With the backdrop of the city’s amazing sky scrapers this show is really a feast for the eyes.

Merlion Park:

Created in 1964, the half fish and half lion statue stands majestically overlooking the glittering marina bay, welcoming the tourists. The structure of the statue has its own reasons being, the head symbolizes Singapore’s original name and the body symbolizes Singapore’s history as a fishing village. This icon of Singapore being 8.6m high and spouting water from its mouth with the backdrop of tall buildings can be a memorable sight for any tourist.

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